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Injured in an accident call the personal injury law firm of Zalman Schnur men and minor at one eight hundred law line that number again is one eight hundred law line exactly whether this morning experiencing some rain early then mix of wet snow in places but finally clearing overnight temps rising toward forty by daybreak later today sunny to partly cloudy turning much much milder high fifty six how about that tomorrow night tonight rather some clouds low forty three Tuesday mostly cloudy still mild a shower around high fifty three Wednesday chillier occasional rain high forty four degrees thirty seven and cloudy in New York committee eighty nine percent the winds out of the west at five gusting to twenty five miles per hour currently cloudy thirty seven degrees in midtown good morning I Mario boss guess wins news time at the tone twelve thirty good morning I'm Monique Kobyla terror in south London involving a man with what authorities say was a fake bomb strapped to his body correspondent how to scold reports from the scene we are in stratum High Street just eight miles south of central London it's very residential there's not tourist attractions out here now what we know is that just before two PM first calls started coming in about an incident happening on the main street here this is a street full of shops and restaurants now what we understand is that at least two people were stabbed by an assailant who then subsequently shot and killed by police authorities say three people were injured two of them stabbed one victim was in the hospital with life threatening injuries authorities in London announce the attacker was recently released from prison where he was serving time for terrorism offense we also fit in that this is an isolated.

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