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And so that was the that the steady the results and we were we were asked by the head of the california senate to to testify on a bill that he wanted to introduce that would make gas price posting mandatory and so we did that and it passed and of course now you take it for granted that as all gas prices are posted but that that was an early success it was something that gave me confidence that policy could be used for for a good purpose and it and it also gave me a me at foreshadowed something that i would do uh over and over my career so the work he did as a student is why we have gas prices posted today well you know it takes a team that doubt we started it yeah and i mean was i was a surprise one day that that that it was actually sadly it was george mosconi was the the who would become the mayor of san francisco and be assassinated but he was before that he was the head of this california senate he was the one that just took it interest in it i mean it's it's just a good story of how you you can with research and um kenner of tapping at something that people really care about you can make a difference and then tell us about the years after stanford what you do next has said the years after stamford i i worked at stanford medical school as a research associate writing a helping to write a book about.

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