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There's so much attention going on that when he does make the decision to come off the wing and come and feel he's almost always open and getting an opportunity. And that's what we've seen with the two goals. Falls bouncing through balls going over the head as the opposition fullback has to follow. Or whoever the wide winger is inside. And him reading those moments and taking advantage. Now, he doesn't do it a ton, which there's probably a positive there. It comes out of nowhere, and it's not planned for. The negative is, it feels like you could even get more opportunities, like this. And then he's just been really calm with his chances. He had another chance in this one. I think desk came in field and set him up and he curled one and it just went straight into the arms of the goalkeeper. Been a while since we talked about left back being a black hole. I know we don't have a ton of depth there, but it looks like Robinson is that guy. His celebration, I'm in a ran again. Stop with the flashing lights. The dude has center stage. And you're just taking that moment and you're just throwing a bunch of strobe lights on it, but he does the flip, the fake hammy where you guys tricked by the fake handy? Did you fall for that? Did you notice that? I did not notice it. I was clipping the, I was clipping the highlight from clip row as soon as I flushed it. Anyway, and then he goes, he goes for the sprint. I say let this man do the celebrations for everybody. I did enjoy how a little bit of a redemption moment. And not just with that one with the little way down to units Musa as well to sort of set these up. But a big moment for Antony Robinson and he said afterwards, I've been dared to do this celebration for a while. Somebody dropped it on us like two or three years ago..

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