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I'm a foam anti-gay with the five things you need to know for thursday. September ninth president. Joe biden we'll order all government employees to be vaccinated against kobe. Nineteen with no option of being tested regularly. That's according to the white house. Employees of contractors. Who do business with the federal government will also be ordered to abide by the same standard. It's all part of biden's action plans to end the corona virus pandemic in the us. A white house official says the six pillars of biden's plan include vaccinating the unvaccinated booster shots keeping schools open increasing testing and requiring masks protecting the economic recovery and improving care for those with covert nineteen lawyers for florida governor. Vonda santa's have filed an emergency appeal to reinstate a stay on school mask mandates while the case goes through the court system according to the court document the synthesis lawyers argued that they have a high likelihood of success on appeal. The filing comes after circuit judge. John cooper ruled against the santa's initial appeal allowing florida schools to continue having mask mandates while the case was appealed after more than two decades. Ford is ending production in india and taking a two billion dollar hit in the process. The company says roughly four thousand employees will be laid off and manufacturing end immediately. Ceo jim farley says the move was difficult but necessary to achieve long-term growth farley says ford has accumulated more than two billion dollars of operating losses over the past ten years and demand for new vehicles has been much weaker than expected for it began its operations in india in nineteen ninety five plants in the cities of sonat and chen. I will close in the coming months and the company will work closely with employees affected by the closures. The remains of two more victims of nine eleven have been identified just days before the twentieth anniversary of the attack. According to the office of the city's chief medical examiner there. Dorothy morgan of hempstead new york and a man whose name is being withheld at his family's requests. They were the first identification of world trade center victims since october. Twenty nineteen they were identified through dna analysis of previously unidentified remains recovered from the world trade center. The attack there claimed nearly three thousand lives more than two hundred and twenty other people were killed in washington. Dc and outside of shanksville pennsylvania. Divorce can be ugly but to the art world. This one could be a thing of beauty. Cnn's david ryan explains new york real estate developer harry macklowe and his wife. Linda built up quite the art collection over fifty plus years of marriage. The cosso warhol rothko experts said this was museum caliber. Well when their marriage came to an end a few years ago a judge said they had to sell sixty five pieces and split the profits fifty fifty now the auction house. Sotheby's is bringing the collection to market in november and says it could fetch six hundred million dollars. Which would be a record for any single collection. That's offer now. We'll be back at eleven. Pm eastern time with the latest headlines whenever you want them and wherever you are and let us know what you think of five things by going to cnn dot com slash listener..

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