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Eight two five six. He went to answer the phone. He's got about four inches a phone cord there because it's tied into not. So this is we we need to put a camera right here. Just to see what goes on eight eight eight two five sixty and eighty that was funny. Eight eight eight two five six ten eighty two phone number two fish at G T O, fish, TX itchy mail dot com. And you know, what we're gonna do folks we're gonna do some lake reports we're gonna ever guides calling in. They're going to give us the most current Allegra ports. Available today will be visiting with them about the fishing conditions. What's going on what just happened? What may happen? All the information. You need to catch more fish. Of course, we're gonna talk a little bit about things to do as well. It's almost Showtime. We're going to get through the thanksgiving holiday. We're gonna get through the Christmas holidays. And then boom here we go show season for twenty nineteen which is right around the corner. Parks and wildlife news will it's mule deer season in some parts of the state, and there are some restrict. Antler restriction. Proposals for mule deer out there. We're going to see what's going on with that and talk a little bit about that if you'd like to at eight eight eight two five six hundred eighty and of course, gearing gadgets, we'll try to get that in as well over. The course of the next couple of hours provided we have time in between phone calls and such your statewide fishing conditions. Pretty nice across most of the state. It is chilly out there. But it's, you know,.

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