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51 Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has been banned from Twitter for breaking the Social Media platforms site rules forbidding hate speech company said today The Duce account has been permanently Suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct. It didn't specify what exactly do posted the triggered the band. But it's policy on hateful conduct prohibits promoting violence or threatening attacks against people based on religious affiliation, race or ethnic origin. Duke was the leader of the white supremacist cake from 1974 words in 1978 U. S. Intelligence officials say Russia is definitely trying to interfere in the 2020 elections. But if Former intelligence official says many of Russia's actions might go undetected, say VHS and the national counter Intelligence and Security Center all say Russia's trying mightily to interfere and they're urging Americans to be careful about what they read and share But former D and I, Jim Clapper in an upcoming edition of the Target, USA Podcast says We might not even see Russian operatives at work this time because they've studied very carefully every detail of the more investigation and open source intelligence about their 2016 Cities and are covering their tracks, Clapper said. In his own words, I feared the Russians have back engineered all those revelations and we'll try to thwart our detecting what they're doing. Fiji Green w T O P knew Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says the government will postpone highly anticipated legislative elections citing a worsening current virus outbreak there. Lam says the government has the support of the Chinese government in making that decision. The postponement is a setback for the opposition, which was hoping to capitalize on disenchantment with the current pro Beijing majority pro democracy. Lawmakers have accused the government of using the outbreak as an excuse to delay the Elections. The Department of Homeland Security compile the intelligence reports on the work of journalists covering the unrest in Portland. The Washington Post reports that over the past week D, a just sent out three open source intelligence reports to federal law enforcement agencies and others summarizing tweets written by two journalists, a reporter for The New York Times and an editor of the blogger, Lawfare current and former D A chess officials call that move to report on journalists, alarming one Even calls it quote incredibly dumb cases of the Corona virus Air rising again in parts of the Eastern shore. In one area popular with tourists is imposing new penalties for not complying with restrictions Visiting historic ST Michael's or a quaint downtown East in this weekend, bring a mask. The Talbot County Council passed a measure this week, allowing the county health Department to find people $1000 if they don't have a mask on where required under state orders, restaurants there can also be fine if they don't operate safely. Actually in the bottom third of Maryland counties hit by the Corona virus, less than 400 cases total. But this month, the positivity rate spiked higher than the state's average. The new rule passed on a 4 to 1 vote. Jon Dome and W T O p New Coming Up Next in money news without he's down with the NASDAQ's up another bad day for under Armour, I'm Jeff Global, 1 54 T Mobile and Sprint have merged, so get ready to see T Mobile with.

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