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In case the monsters get hungry again, Walgreens. These times. 405 Now New Jersey one a 1.5 fast traffic. The traffic on the parkway started a bunch of just a bit north at 1 43 coming upto 1 45 terrible traffic, Not bad Eastern Western spurs to the car and the truck planes that looks like one or none in Lyndon's getting slow to any westbound side coming in towards 21. You've got some slow traffic in. Oh, that's about 24 crowds up. Coming back in a 70 able, which remains a pretty decent ride. 27 really not dead from 80 all the way back down towards for 40. We've had water. Main repairs on 35 North and Todd had holiday road closing One lane and also 35, north of Middletown between Chapo wrote in Normandy rode with the right lane closed at a stall has been cleared from 18 north, an old bridge over by Spring Valley Road. One problem across the Hudson is coming back to you to New Jersey at the Lincoln Tunnel on for 95. Weston Park Avenue. That's a stall The left lane is closed. Tom Rivers NewJersey traffic North. Jill Myron, New Jersey Transit self still have Ah, Chievo's six South bound, closed at Sion Lake and shaman, and that's where we have an accident being worked on. So of course, it's a two lane road in both directions. You're getting about a mile's worth of delay. You're better off just sticking with that, though, because detouring around that in the pine Barrens Take awhile. Now we have 2 95 North bound. Slow it exit 18 up through to exit 19 and that road Work zone and 2 95 South found a boy yet it's ah, slow now from Warwick Road Exit 30 all the way down through to exit 2642. New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next reported for 18 on New Jersey one a 1.5 on Wall Street, the Dow closed down 97.2 28,000 to 10, New Jersey one a 1.5 news time. 407 Garden State, We need your vote for New Jersey.

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