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Afternoon we're at seventy two degrees in Washington with a partly sunny skies here to start our holiday weekend four forty one there is more doubt about the benefits of hydroxy clerk win as a treatment for covert nineteen patients as a president trump just finished around of that medication along with zinc according to a new study published in the medical journal lancet those with corona virus who received the anti malarial drug hydroxy chloride quit had a much higher risk of death compared with those who did not the study involved ninety six thousand hospitalized covert nineteen patients on six continents president Donald Trump is said he has been taking the medication calling it quote a game changer in the fight against the virus that's Jim crystal reporting the CBS news do you have corona virus and you don't even know what new estimates from the CDC say about a third of people with covered nineteen don't have any symptoms and the agency also believes that forty percent of coronavirus transmission is happening before people feel sick the CDC adds it's best estimate is that slightly less than one half of one percent of people who show symptoms and have the virus will die from it safe get together when it comes to polls a child can drown in less than a minute so pediatrician Ben Hoffman with the American academy of pediatrics says plan to have multiple safety measures in place we think about drowning prevention there's never one thing that's going to be enough so it has to be layers of protection he said have someone constantly monitoring swimmers take advantage of life jackets and watch that fences and barriers around water are secured the CDC has not found any evidence that the corona virus spreads in pools but with group limitations still in place.

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