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Welcome to the show gentlemen thank you i'm gonna jump straight into it because i have so many questions for both of you let's start with the book congratulations on being number one in the country this was an interesting collaboration you know because james you have sold hundreds of millions of books around the world you on accomplish all you've always said that you wish that more people would read you writing a thriller about a fictional presidents and yet you thought let me reach out to an actual president to get the facts right why did you think it was necessary well usually just make stuff up and i thought it would be i thought it'd be great and i never read a book like this in terms of the authenticity if you want to know what it's like to be president this really give you feeling for it right but it's an extreme version of what it's like to be president because this is a story about a again yeah it's a president who goes out and i won't spoil how it happens but basically it's a president who discovers that there's a giant cyber security threats on the us and he decided to take it in his own hands he sneaks out of the white house which is mind blowing how was that did you ask the president if he that's i didn't ask him if i knew i knew he didn't do yeah the answer is i didn't what what i try to make it as authentic as i could if it did happen right the secret service protects a lot of people the low explain this in the book the law says everybody else even like when i was there hillary could they could sign off secret service protected for a while there's no provision for the president to do that it's like what you could maybe do it for a couple of hours for purely for privacy reasons frying with dying or something like that but you couldn't do it for very long so we came up with a device it was his idea the president ought to go missing somebody said well that'd be good but anyway and so we worked out how it can happen and why it made sense in the context of the plot would cybersecurity but the authenticity thing that is such a big deal i mean if the president would missing it would happen like this if there was a traitor in the white house it would if it was an attack on the presidential motorcade it would happen that way and that was to beauty of the collaboration and you writing throughout the story there are so many seems that tie into what america has experienced is experiencing and may experience in the future you have a president that in a different way has gone rogue a prisoner saying i'm going to do it all by myself when you were writing this book with any parts of the current prison that you looked at like yeah i'll prison needs a bit of that crazy in him we started it before before the election no because in this case the president acknowledges that if he did what is adversaries think he did it would be an impeachable offense and that if he told them if he told them why did what he did they would have to back down but he didn't trust them because he thought they would leak it to the press and his chance chances stopping this attack on america would go away so that's one part of the pot i'll give away just and we cannot run a country when there is literally no trust but we have seen now for almost forty years on and off that demonizing your opponent making people hate them it's a terrible way to run a railroad but it can get rewarded at election time it would be very difficult to write fiction about what's going on now actually whole rip about how finnick is is and it was until recently was it was a third ascriptin about how most presidents try to run the white house and now at least what i believe is that you try to get talented people who know things you know don't know skills you don't have you tell them they're not going to be fired or demoted or ice elated if they tell you some you don't wanna hear right then you make a.

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