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They weren't leaving to her they didn't believe that she was experiencing the level of pain that she has experienced and now we know that the research recent news reports that black women the medical professionals don't necessarily believe that we have the level of pain the same level pain is white now but for some reason our blackness makes us less susceptible to to high lifts of pain that why why why why would we even have to research that why would you just see a human being in front of you suffering and understand that they have a level of that's unbearable you need to treat that so even with three in williams she say she had to save her own life she had to sell them no i m in pain the what's going on help me you eat that is happening for white women they're they are believed they are considered fragile lynn in lifted up in when it comes to black women's like they're strong in in the strength just season through history and it's like no we heard we have pain in we need you to help us so i think i think i think that the conversation has center around that i think it has to send around how lean you black women and how women of color how we view their stories in pain in whether or not we see it as valid i'm in whether or not we seen as worthy of our attention in hasn't been so har while i i had blood clots i i actually have played cards last year oh my doctor did not detect it in i was sent home and i i actually had to i just woke them the amina actually had to save myself i joked myself to the emergency room because i i think the missing something right and so i did that anyway that's a long other story talk about over drinks averaging sometimes sorry i thinking that you know i love my doctor like since really really nice and i was just thinking that maybe even subconsciously like subconsciously she sent me home because you know by women are strong you know what i mean you know like maybe i did it to marital thinking own you know there's nothing wrong with me anyway so the weather i mean i feel like you want to say we'll they say there's nothing wrong there's something wrong with me but then you know even with you which i think is brilliant your intuition told you something's wrong and i'm going to drive myself bag you know but why do we have to always save ourselves exhausting it is and help us here something a little nuance rate blackness insularity right 'cause i talked about kris around in our kellyanne gnaws ray rice all of them they're celebrities right and i tweeted something of few weeks ago about you know the joy of people felt over may markel's wedding people will celebrate other black people roses celebrate other black when we very protective especially her but men when they have celebrity i wonder you know how that plays in also protecting black males who are celebrities are abusive right i mean i don't know that's just kind of in new ones thing that that we do right i think there's a layer of protection that we have for i don't know so everybody says that what you get i think you're right on i think you're absolutely right i think you know in our community especially by comedian we are told by mothers by fathers by our leaders that we need to lift up these successful men because so many of never make it you know or so many of them are pressed in other ways so that when when one of makes it out when their success that we can't tear down even with bill cosby terrible cosby down you got to hand behind arc helene in whoever you know any fall because you know experienced sides oppression info many ways for the entirety var existence year.

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