Iran, Biden Administration, U.S. discussed on Mark Levin


There's no place I can go To the United States put in a daily mail is deploying thousands of troops in the northern territory of Australia After Australia admitted war with China is in fact possible Because China has been threatening Australia now for about 18 months just so you know A former top CIA operative says it's too late for the United States to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons without military action There are two far along They've progressed too far This is what's going on in the world Which is incredible We're talking about nuclear weapons all over the place here There was a piece in the gatestone institute international policy council Website By Khalid Abu tome And it's really quite compelling It says in a message directed at the Biden administration and the other western powers involved in the Vienna negotiations This is with Iran Led by Russia on our behalf the Arab country said that Iran and its terrorist militias are continuing to create chaos and instability especially in Iraq Yemen and Lebanon The Arabs including the Arab League are telling the Biden administration that in their view is not only Iran that threatens their security but also its terrorist proxies Including Hamas the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen The Arabs are clearly worried about the financial and military aid that Iran is providing to the terrorist groups Any deal with Iran will further strengthen these groups and encourage them to step up their terrorist attacks The Arabs are also worried that when Iran obtains nuclear weapons they will sooner or later find their way into the hands of terrorist proxies And other terrorist groups including the Islamic State that's ISIS and Al-Qaeda The president that is Biden is deaf He can not be trusted Ali Al saraf Iraqi political political analyst said If the Biden administration and its Friends reach a new deal with Iran's mullahs we are likely to see more Arabs come out against the United States We made it very clear that if Iran acquires a nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same This is the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs To CNN a few years back the Arabs consider Iran a lethal threat to their national security and the stability of the entire Middle East and other parts of the world If the Biden administration is going to align itself with the Mullis it will lose the support of the Arab and Muslim allies who feel bitterly betrayed and fear that nuclear weapons will end up in the hands of these very mullers and their terrorist groups So you see it's not just Israel although Israel is quite concerned extremely gravely concerned What appears to be an 11th hour and desperate warning to the Biden administration against striking a deal with the Iranian regime For Arab countries have expressed deep concern over Iran's ballistic missile program and ongoing support for terrorism In a statement issued in Cairo on March 9 you haven't heard this have you America The Arab Quartet committee Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates Bahrain and Egypt Said that Iran continues to interfere in the internal affairs Arab countries and play a role in sowing sectarian Discord among them by supporting an army terrorist groups such as the Houthis and Hezbollah militias The statement was issued amid growing concern in some Arab countries that the United States and other western powers could reach a deal with Iran to revive the 2015 joint comprehensive plan of action also known as the Iran nuclear deal Do you realize in so many ways how peaceful the world was when Trump was president Obviously the rewards and things But nothing like this Nothing like this And so you would think when chuck Todd on Sunday chooses to do an attack on Trump he should instead show The successes of the Trump foreign policy and national security decisions And go ahead and compare them with buying but instead he brings in these reprobates Because he happens to be one himself Iran posted a threat to the security of Arab states and impedes regional and international efforts to resolve issues in crises in the region through peaceful means the committee said that committee of four Remember what was going on there when Trump was president The Abraham accords peace breaking out everywhere And the Iranian economy was dying as well as their missile program While the Arab countries above which have long been considered close allies of the U.S. stressed the importance of supporting efforts To prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons at the Vienna negotiations They said any deal reach with Tehran could be seen as a temporary not final agreement That's ridiculous Reflecting the Arabs distrust of Iran the Arab countries emphasized the need for strengthening the International Atomic Energy Agency the IAEA their monitoring role over the Iranian nuclear program and a message directed to the Biden administration And other western powers involved in the Vienna negotiations the Arab countries said that Iran and its terrorist militias are continuing to create chaos and instability especially in Syria Iraq Yemen and Lebanon The Arabs are clearly worried about the financial military aid that Iran is providing to these groups All right I've pretty much covered this Hussein Al safiya Yemeni researcher and head of the Abadi center for studies and medias another prominent Arab who has added his voice to those who are warning.

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