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I'm here for for Tony. I'm a little early. So maybe I'm just going to sit here for five minutes, so I'm not. Okay, thanks. I just arrived at a gorgeous apartment lobby on the Upper West side where I'm about to record one of my favorite actors. His doorman helps me find the elevator. Follow less. Okay. Thank you. I'm pretty nervous as I make my way up to his floor. My name is Karen Brown, and in my day job as a reporter, I often cover fairly serious topics in health and mental health. But I also love good entertainment, and this actor bridges a number of my interests. He portrayed one of the few openly mentally ill characters in a TV comedy anymore. That's it. Is there any more soap in San Francisco. Scrubbing her hand for nine hours. I'm surprised you have any skin left coming out. Tony shalhoub won three EMMY awards for playing a phobic. Obsessive compulsive detective on the show monk and he's agreed to meet me. Hi, karen. Not at all. I couldn't help, but smile when the first thing he asks me to do is take off my shoes, something his character would probably do to though to be fair, the real shillue had a sense of humor about it and went along when I made a nervous joke sitting dog food, the near apartment that seems reasonable. Recently, I co produced the Greek God of depression. A series published right here on showcase across five episodes narrator and writer. Pagan Kennedy tells the story of famous author William Styron and his brilliant Dr Alice flared as they navigate his final depressive episode. So you may wonder how I ended up in the apartment of Tony shillue who, by the way, also won a Tony award on Broadway and is up for yet another EMMY for his latest TV series. The marvelous MRs Mazel well, let me explain. Since William Styron died more than a decade ago, we needed other people to help us evoke his life and work. That's why his wife rose Styron invited pagan and me to meet her on Martha's Vineyard at the compound where she and her family spent some of their happiest moments. It's also where despite the bucolic surroundings, her husband experienced some of his greatest torment. I have suffered more and more from a general feeling of worthlessness as the malady had progressed. If you hurt the podcast, you know that even during their darkest periods, the Styron's led an incredibly glamorous life eighty nine year old rose a poet and human rights activist still does as the snapshots of famous friends on her fridge can attest. So that's Caroline Kennedy, George Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Carly, Simon, and we wanted to highlight William Styron's most powerful writing so rose offer to reach. Out to some of her actor friends to read his work allowed. One of them was Jack gilpin who became the podcasts main stand in for Styron in Paris on chilly evening late in October of nineteen. Eighty five. I I became fully aware. Other actor rose suggested was Tony shalhoub struggle, which it engaged me for several months might have a fatal outcome. She is an amazing woman. This is blue sitting on his couch in New York explaining why he graciously offered to volunteer his time on.

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