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800 Xfinity or visit a store today, restrictions apply. New Jersey one of 1.5 instant weather still looks pretty mild the rest of the week and then I think as we get into this weekend, we could have a wintry mix and spots to begin the weekend on Saturday, but still really not that cold it all for this time of year, even if we get the precept chances back this weekend. Apache ground fog possible tonight, Otherwise, just a few clouds lows in the low thirties, maybe a passing early rain shower in Northwestern Easy on Thursday, Otherwise, a mix of clouds and sun are high in the upper forties. Cloudy Friday rain arriving later in the day highs around 50. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau, We got 32 degrees and violin 29 degrees in Denville 31 degrees in Lakewood. Fast traffic instant whether every 15 minutes New Jersey one on 1.51 802 831 on 1.5, Steve. Trouble, Ease travel You coming up with 10 O'clock music, Movies Television, New Jersey New Jersey one on 1.5 Go to N. J. Wanna 15 dock. Check out Maia. My many posts. One about President Trump. They kicking him off social media, but l A to start your own network away the piece of the puzzle of there. He could be the jester on the sidelines, torturing the Democrats for the next four years, plus, forget about running for re election. Anthony Roe. Deer will be appearing this Saturday night at the mansion in Mountain Lakes were groomed by Johnny, If you're Italian, you gonna love him. If you're not Italian, you're still gonna love him. His videos have been viewed over 35 million times on social media. And unlike the president, you can still catch him there. And you can also catch him here. Anthony, how are you?.

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