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Six four of the Calgary. Flames Celtics, take on the Mavericks tonight at the garden officials in New Hampshire are cracking down on drivers who use a passing lane is travel lane. WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe has more on a new stay right law left lane drivers traveling slower than the speed limit backing up cars behind them. We've all seen it. Maybe we've done it at times now in the granite state a new law prohibits cars from driving continuously in the far left lane whenever they're impeding. The flow of. Traffic if police pull you over a conditioner fifty dollar fine and add points to your license Robin Golub of Nashua thinks the law will help reduce the number of accidents caused by people passing on the right moving to hopefully, it may cut down on people that decided to take her own as my either going around. Massachusetts has a similar law on the books with a more expensive fine of one hundred and fifty dollars skin Tunnicliffe WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio arrest warrant is out. For Braintree fire. Lieutenant Kevin McAleese Elise is charged with threatening to kill a woman in Whitman last month. Police responded to a call from a woman who claims mcelwain said he was going to her house to assault her. She said he threatened to kill her and bury her the woman told police mcelwain was a former romantic partner who had become increasingly aggressive toward her in recent months. The patriot ledger reports MAC is on of leave from the Braintree fire department, a parole panel in California has recommended that Charles Manson follower Robert Beausoleil, be freed after nearly a half century in prison. Governor Jerry Brown is consistently stopped releases for followers of the count- leader who died in prison in two thousand seventeen Beaujolais was not involved in the notorious killings of actress, Sharon, Tate, and. Six others by Manson followers in nineteen sixty nine but he was convicted in the murder of musician. Gary hinman that same year parole panels have ruled against releasing Beausoleil eighteen times a new documentary on the legendary sly and the family stone is set to be released.

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