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Fund. For some of your favorite outdoor venues. He's gonna get bit spend beer in fifty four now. Northern colorado's voice one or three one thirteen ten kfi k. mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios yep larimer county trail and open space. Users you're going to have to pay slightly higher fees starting next year and yes. There's a new fee this has been bandied about for quite some time. new fee. Going into effect for devil's backbone open space. This crane to a piece by sadie swanson out of the colorado. On larimer county board of commissioners just unanimously approved the new fee and overall fee increases so starting in january day use permits annual permits camping fees in county managed areas will increase by about ten percent of this according to dalen figs. Who is the larimer county department of natural resources director in his presentation to the commissioners to use devil's backbone open south trail head in loveland. Which up until now has been free. You'll either need an annual pass or you'll have to pay a ten dollar daily entry fee similar to other popular county open spaces and parks including horse tooth reservoir and carter lake getting into the details here. They permits at all other county. Natural areas will increase from nine to ten dollars. Annual passes for vehicles will increase from ninety to one hundred dollars. Now here are some of the lamoure county natural resource fees that go into effect January of twenty twenty two day pass is previously mentioned That will increase one dollar to ten dollars resident vehicle. Pass one hundred dollars. Nonresident annual pass one hundred thirty bucks resident combination boat. Pass two hundred dollars. Non-resident combination boat. Pass two hundred sixty dollars senior vehicle and you'll pass seventy dollars senior combination boat. Pass a hundred and fifty dollars veteran vehicle. Pass seventy dollars and the veteran combination boat pass one hundred and fifty five dollars this as well things get a little bit more expensive pretty much grass across the board and that includes for you larimer county trail and open space users. A fifty seven now northern colorado's voice one of three one thirteen ten kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern colorado is unknown Weekdays at nine northern colorado's voice one zero three point one in thirteen ten. kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern colorado is unknown weekdays at nine and northern colorado's voice. One zero three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. Page to my physical maestro and of course my technical producer ryan kelly. Thanks for all you do so it right here noko now with your host. Tanner swint coming your way in just a few clark coach at eleven hall show at noon..

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