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W m A L The Senate finally investigates Antifa. What did they find mornings in the mall Wednesday morning. 5 to 9 on W. May I ask is a side point. All the newsrooms in American that would include Fox. And MSNBC and CNN. Is there a reason why you don't present the American people with a chart of all the things that are in the Democrat proposed Bill. This so called relief bill. And a reason you don't put a chart with what the Republicans have in their relief bill. Is there a reason why the debate is ambiguous? And Schumer gets away was saying that the Republicans are in acting with urgency. I mean, we have charge when it comes to the Corona virus, all kinds of charts, even misleading charts, can you not? Fox, MSNBC, CNN. NBC, ABC, CBS. CNBC all the rest of them. Can you not produce charts? With your vast Investigative research arms and lay out exactly what it is. The Democrats are proposing because my understanding is it goes well beyond the Corona virus. Election laws. Immigration. Paying off the pensions for blue states. We'd like to see a list. Would you present it to us, please? Rather than whining and complaining that something is not being done. I mean, that's the job of the news. Is it not Mr Producer? Is it not America? Give us the damn information. Let's go on teeth is ideological origins. The ideological origins of Antifa can be traced back to the Soviet Union roughly a century ago in 1921 22 the Communist International Common Turn Developed the so called United Front tactic to unify the working masses through agitation and organization. At the international level of each individual country against capitalism and fascism to terms that often were used interchangeably. The world's first anti fascist group. The People's courageous Militia was founded in Italy in June 1921 to resist the rise of Benito Mussolini's national Fascist Party, which itself was established prevent the possibility of a Bolshevik revolution. On the Italian peninsula. Many of the group's 20,000 members consisting of Communists and Annika's later joined the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War 1936 to 39. In Germany, the Communist Party of Germany established a paramilitary group. The Red Front Fighters league In July 1924 The group was banned due to its extreme violence. Many of its 130,000 members continue. Their activity is underground. The local successor organization, such as the Fighting Alliance against Fascism. And then it's in Slovenia and other in other parts of your During the post War period, Germany's Antifa movement reappeared in various manifestations, including the radical student protest movement of the sixties, the leftist insurgency groups that were active throughout the seventies eighties and nineties. The Red Army faction. Better known as the Biter Meinhof Gang. Was a Marxist urban guerrilla group that carried out assassinations, bombings and kidnappings aimed at bringing revolution toe west Germany, which the grip characterizes the fascist holdover of the Nazi era. And over the course of three decades it murdered. Let's see more than 30 people and injured over 200 After the collapse of the communist government in east Germany in 1989 90 it was discovered That the vital Meinhof gang had been given training, shelter and supplies by the Stasi, the East German secret police. John Phillips Jenkins, distinguished professor of history at Baylor. Describe the group tactics, which are similar to those you see being used by anti Fan America quote the goal of their terrorist campaign was the trigger an aggressive response from the government. Which group members believe with spark a broader revolutionary movement. By the mind. Half founder right mine half explain the relationship between violent left wing extremism and police, he said. The guy in uniform is a pig, not a human being. That means we don't have to talk to him. It is wrong to talk to these people at all. And of course you can shoot them. And it goes on. Meanwhile, in Britain Is this boring everyone, Mr. Booth. This is the antifa movement in the United States, Folks, This is its history, this business its tentacles. And it's interesting that I have to do this and you haven't seen her in a single cable news programme Network news program. Or major newspaper article. Because they so many of them support this. Britain, antifascist Action, or a militant anti fascist group, founded in 1985 gave birth to the Antifa movement in the United States. So it started in Britain. It came to the United States and Germany. It was founded in 1992 to combine the efforts of smaller antifa groups scattered around the country. So now the more modern aspect of it, Britain. To the United States and Germany. In Sweden, A militant Antifa group, founded in 1993 establish a three decade track ringing record using extreme violence against its opponents in France, another group it's known for its fierce opposition to the state of Israel. Just like black lives matter. An anti Semitic group. After the fall of Berlin Wall, 1989 The collapse of communism in 1992 for movement opened a new front against neo liberal globalization. And it discusses at length what took place in France and Germany. Britain and how it has spread to the United States. We're going to look at more of this. Part two of the series. When I find it and digest it. So this is what you see taking place in Portland. This is what you saw and see taking place in New York City and Seattle. This is what you saw. Minneapolis. This is what you're saying in every major metropolitan area in America. The history the black lives matter is not much different in Marxist anarchist organization and anti Semitic organization. It attacks the nuclear family that attacks capitalism that uses the same tactics and language of Antifa. And I am now convinced That black lives matter..

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