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Josh. I mean, my crown don't don't despair. It's my crown. I'll tell you what it does beat the crap out of what? Blue ribbon white, whiskey or whatever for all of five seconds. Yeah. It was a real thing. Yeah. It's aid for whites white second, five seconds. It's called paps. What a ribbon whiskey? Yeah. Absolutely. That's a white something white. Yes. Some I can't remember what they call it white lightning or either way point is. Yeah. Twenty five hundred dollar bottle. I'll stick with my twenty four dollar bottle of crown Royal? Thank you very much is like heritable marketing playing well, first of all. And I know you're talking about the the paths blue ribbon whiskey back to this. I want to know what a twenty five hundred dollar bottle of whiskey tastes like I gotta at some point in my life is not going to be anytime soon. I'll just say it. But I mean, I got to know what that tastes like. Fifty dollar bottle. Yeah. Johnny blue. Yeah. But yeah this. Yes. That's that's how this is going the Ohio bottle lottery. It's limited to one entry per person like someone's going. I wanted to get a couple of those and spend seventy five hundred dollars. That's what I was after. All right. Yeah. You gotta be. But yeah, they're literally doing this in the lottery starts on March twenty fifth for this pretty crazy. All right. Let's welcome in now. The rinkside reporter for the Columbus, blue jackets and Fox Sports, Ohio. It's one Dave metal. Dave, welcome to the show. Thanks for coming on, man. You know, it's a bit like groundhog day every one of these days than we have our visits is a game for the Columbus blue check. Right. I think that's basically how it's going to go. The rest of the way out that's going to just fill in the blank. This is a big one for them. And tonight is no different. Of course, the hurricanes coming into nationwide arena tonight. And yep. This is a big one. It's a big one because they are two points ahead of the jackets. They've got the first wildcard spot jackets at the second wildcard spot. Carolina much like they did last year. Wait in the year. Putting out a big surge really since the since the calendar two thousand nineteen been a really really tough team in the east of really tough out. And they've always been tough for the blue jackets. I was talking to Josh Edison about that. Today. Just says, you know, sometimes we go over looked at it because they've been a team that has been below us in the standings. Sometimes we just haven't given it our best effort. But tonight, I don't think you'll be that way. Because everybody in the league recognizes how good Carolina's. Now, they're really they're really playing some good hockey. Well, the good thing with regard to the blue jackets and how good they performed versus the Bruins on Tuesday night is that they literally have had a couple of days and not had to go. Like, you know, that was obviously a back to back game the night before they were in New York versus the islanders than they do this. Well, at least they get a couple of days to quote, unquote, come down a little bit because that was a serious rush on Tuesday night watching that with our Tammy the fight. And then, you know, with the Boone Jenner the in the hat trick. And man that was fun to watch. I hope we get some of those fireworks tonight. That would be great. I knew it was big. When I got the text from you after our Tammy was trading punches there because let's be honest, not every radio host in Columbus. Ohio is watching him mid-week game with the blue jackets. But I knew you were watching, and I knew that got a lot of people fired up, including. Yeah. And I love how they cut to our TIMMY working out on the heavy bag. And I was like this guy. He looks like an MA guy and. You know, throwing spinning back fist and stuff. Like in the cut that they use the video that they used on TV. But yes, pretty cool, man. He is scrappy. Yeah. If if he wouldn't it had his skates on that thing would have been over in about fifteen seconds because McEvoy wouldn't have had any chance against 'em a minded are. So all right. The hurricanes tonight and not trying to look past this. But well, let's go back to it quickly. It looks like Bobrovsky is expected to go in net tonight. Are you seeing that as in here in that as well? Yeah. And then, you know, look, I know there's a back to back because the jackets are gonna play at Boston again tomorrow night. I think they're just gonna ride Bob as much as they can. I don't know if you'll get bullpens of this back to back like he did the one at the beginning of the week, but he played so well, and you know, he's the number one goaltender clearly he's the guy who's going to get this team to the post season and wherever they go after that. So you gotta right. Bobby? Yeah. And speaking of that tomorrow night at the Bruins, it looks like Korpi right now is expected as far as what I'm seeing on my on my app, but like you're saying so you think tonight if Bob has a stellar night tonight. And he's basically, you know, just not letting anything through then you think he they may opt to use and then tomorrow night. Well, it's surprised me frankly against Boston at home. It really did. I thought that's where we might see corporate. I think. I think a lot of it'll be how much how much work Bob gets tonight. If it's a thirty five save effort. He might not go tomorrow. But let's say he always twenty. And it's a relatively quiet night for him. That I could see them coming back to Bob, I guess Boston tomorrow because on the other side of that the jackets have the following Sunday. And they have the following Monday off before they play Calgary. So you know, I could see happening depending upon how much work gets today. It is go time tonight at nationwide arena on home ice the blue jackets welcoming in the Carolina Hurricanes. I'm going to be down there. Obviously Mets you're going to be down there. It's going to be rock and Friday night here in the CMHA, and we're loving it. It's fifth line appreciation night tonight to which means at the end of the night win or lose Jackson. These two twenty five or so walkie fans we're going to get to go home with a recently wars in the game. Stay home and watch it. Yeah. So it'll be a full house, which is recipient Friday night. Columbus Ohio, it should be a spectacular hockey game. With a lot on the line for both teams. It's everything you want at nationwide tonight. You heard Dave get your, stinky jersey tonight and just messing around. Oh my God. I would freak out to get a jersey. And obviously, I think a lot of people will too, and that's going to be fun. It'll be fun. And if you're there, you know, you have a you have a chance because I I think they do it by pulling the Vandam ticket who knows who's going to get a shot at at those jury it's gonna be really cool. But most important of all if you don't go home with a jersey, make sure that the home team goes home with two points. That's the most important part rinkside reporter for the Columbus, blue jackets and Fox Sports, Ohio. Dave metal. It's been great catching up with the end. We'll see you tonight. Traffic.

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