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What is one thing we're knocking out this week that we got to do this week if we're Peter schrager on vacation just more time with the kids? Is there a more time more time with the kids? Yeah, and it's like I've put on a couple LBs this summer enjoying myself and I'm not usually the fitness guru, but I've told myself, let's get a run in. Let's get a bike ride in. Let's try something to at least give the impression to the viewers that I've been at it and working and trying to get into midseason shape. Pick another week for that because it's supposed to be like 95 all week. What's like the downfall? What puts on the LBs? What's like the go to that? When you do it to every meal, my kid only eats pizza pasta and bagels, and it's like, that's what so I have to eat with them. How old is your kid? I could be best friends with him. Are you a gummy bear fan? Pizza pasta and bagels. I don't even need the pizza. No, I'm not a gummy bear. I'm not a candidate. If you work for the company, haribo, which is this my son might as well be the spokesperson for it. And you better believe I'm taking a bite of one of them every single time. But if they got rid of every single food on the planet, except for pasta and bagels, I'd be the happiest person in the world. I know, I get it. I get it. And then there's this other little wrinkle that I've now fallen into a little bit. And it wasn't always the case, but it's kind of like a new thing. The made it afternoon before dinner snack. That's that could be anything from a plate of tostitos chips with some shredded Cheddar, and maybe a little salsa on it. Like homemade, or that's where you get your blueberry muffin, like, all right, I'm gonna try this and just nibble on it.

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