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I'm audie was as part of his interest in in making shoes as hobbyist and as a enthusiast he actually went to the footwear technical college in germany which the which was a well in germany. It's called the shoe fash shula so sufa shula. There's like a national there was and he One of his great one of his one of his teachers was a man by the name of franz marts and he was an expert in the construction of lasts which are the kind of would models that he build a shoe around and frances daughter. Cathy or kathy. How do you pronounce that german qatar. Maybe sure katerina's prescott cutter. Contra became adis wife in nineteen thirty four and she was by all accounts. An outspoken undaunted young woman. She was just a teenager when they married. But her introduction into the family became Became kind of a a a big part of the story because she was a young woman who was fairly contentious. And even though the shoe company was having success kristoff and pauline and ati and rudy and both audience rudy's wives and all five of their subsequent kids lived in one house together and caccia did not get along troublemaker troublemaker. She was opinionated. She got involved in the business and wanted her opinions and her suggestions were taken seriously by audie and so this is the story that rudy tells later as he describes the causes of his estrangement from audio easy to scapegoat boat. The woman there and make her out to be the yoko of adidas and and and within the story there's also a feeling of The two wives rudy's wife and kaci also did not get along. They just didn't get along and there was but you know. I think a big part of it is all these people are living in one house. Move out move to another house that that would be nice. He's seen a little lebanon's round little get a little love nest somewhere. Come on you gotta new bride like a couple of new kids. You don't wanna live with grandma and chris with the businesses doing okay. These are small towns too. It's not. It's not clear why they all had to live in the family schloss. But that's how that's how it panned out but the disputes between rudy and audie started before the war there was just. I mean your brother joined us a baseball game the other day. And he's like a sweet guy in town with us. He's probably listening to this right now. So do do you and your brother have any kind of Can you imagine a situation where you and he would become estranged as he is he somebody who would brings something who would say to you like. I refused to eat in in your kitchen anymore. Because you don't have a separate set of plates for the for the chocolates. I hope not because we get along. Great his sweet fellow but he does have kind of some some dogmatic ideas. You know he will decide. You know i don. I don't do this. He will never do that again. He will never take such a vacation or a like a five thousand cd collection but he has very specific rules. You know no matter how much he loves the artist if the cd has fewer than nine tracks. I think it is. He will just not refuse to own it. Would if it's a sixty five minute long record but only has nine tracks like even even worse six six long track that's just self-indulgent. That's not what he wants. Oh just doesn't fit the collection. He believes that record is nine songs. At least what if it's nine song record but it's only twenty nine minutes. He hasn't a minimum length to. I think it might be like thirty eight minutes. This is weird because this actually comes up in indie rock record label conversations. What constitutes what makes a record more than ep. Well sure there's a there's a possibility of looking lazier charging the same amount for the shorter musical selection. The first long winters record only has nine songs. but there's a unlisted track. There's actually ten songs and the trick. Track is unlisted because we weren't sure about the copyright. It's a cover. We weren't sure who held the copyright and we didn't want to deal with it so we just put it on there without any any attribution and so it's a tense on record but your brother would have looked at it on the shelf and thought it was a nine song now he would know. Yeah that's right yeah. He has encyclopedic knowledge of indie rock. So you don't think he would stop being your friend or or become estranged from you if you're like. I have a record collection of only twenty iraqi music album that over thirty two minutes of music on no he would overlook that we we actually We get along great. We have a lot of interests in common. So it's it's never. There's nothing strained between us. But you know i can see how family members do fall out. You know especially when they get when they're inflexible when one makes it a just kind of a a rule of life that i'm not gonna put up with your crap anymore. And for many people of healthy decision in the case of these two brothers rudy and ati they. There was a lot of contentiousness in the end. It takes my thing. Mostly the form that ottis the youngest brother but clearly the inspired one and with his wife caccia believes he believes and they believed that he was. The founder of the company should be in charge and rudy seems much more like a glad hander and also believed that as the older brother it should be although the company founded by his younger brother. that he should be the one in charge just prema- janitor.

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