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Talking about moss. That I got the picture. You see I actually have to target the pictures. So I say, hey, look, we're going to look like the ground tracks going over the face. Okay. Okay. And then he says back was I found the vessel. No clue. What is it may by found the vessel? We hear another reversal that. Mike Shula wonder what indeed I had found. Hey, we have NASA commenting on some of the photos and and for the record. I think it's interesting that if you look at some pictures you. Kermit the frog and. Faces on Mars. Would've been convinced. With her is a song says the ships are on that now on getting onset from. You. Of that one. Ars? But no one is getting answered no one's getting answers about the ship's on Mars or whatever's on Mars right now. That's amazing. Pretty interesting fight is. But we might get. I mean, it's all up for its Oliver speculation and same with the river speech. A lot of people speculating the interpretation. So David where can people find out more about reverse speech, reverse speaks dot com? I revere SC speech dot com. Komi on American number which is five three five six seven zero.

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