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We don't like dislike or whatever but let's stop and look at it and say that dive into it and be as individual. Is there anything. I can do to have this. Look different for the child that this did happen to the millions to come or whatever so it won't be williams to come and i think it's wonderful that your focus is so specifically policy while at the same time also supporting the girls as individuals but i also have satit. Kara is my hero now after watching this movie for so many reasons but among them the fact that she was denied so much and so many opportunities and she still had the grace to give that award another girl who had the opportunities that she did not have and was able to accomplish so much and the way that she speaks and that she is able to cross says the experience now. I can't imagine what that takes. I can't imagine what that takes. There's a hell of a lot of strength there. Yeah i mean she's been my arrose. They won a lake at like. I'm so grateful that i've been blessed to be able to like actually interact with her. Always as i keep telling me y'all got moved everything because how i was able to like actually physically get hurt and get hold of her. Should have never happened. I call one place you know hospitals. Nobody's name whatever that woman said a nobody calling for her. Hold on and the next thing i know they're like for you. What how did you get this number. I was like. I've just been searching up in on the ground. I've been walking up and doing all the things and the next day they said we're gonna take her somewhere you can't know her facility but we're gonna take her somewhere and you can meet her there and then we've been together ever said. Even when she walked in she was very clear by. Who are you. we've been talking via facebook. Who are really in the way that she questioned me. I was like okay got it. Okay yeah you can see me again like okay. You know but her ownership for her own life and that's wanted as we talk about what black girls have tiny of their choices itami of their lives. And like no matter what happened to you. She's very clear this life ain't been no crystal stair. She is very own no crystal stair. It does that but her pass is not becoming our future. She is so clear. Like i can have different. If won't nobody else do for me do it for myself and that slap she will always be like you heard it in the film girl. You know you talking to me. She gives me advice. We sit and talk to each other. So i love what we created. Because i've watched this girl who was forced into womanhood early on right in that. I should say right. 'cause she had to take on a lot of stuff at a young age but why this woman develop and see her step in our own in Own herself not what society says is everybody else gets say. Yeah felt this. At moment. I felt that it. But here's where. I am now and i might have a bad day. But here's where i am now at. She's she's creating it for our is just the mission very black girl world war thrives under there under the light. What day says private and so that means so much to me that she's she's creating our own path. I think that's magic and at the same time too when you think about what happened in that classroom on that day and the way that so. Many structural things imploded and the fact that she was a student with disabilities who was denied the appropriate accommodations in that instant. Just i have to tell you as someone who's been a classroom teacher of students with learning disabilities for sixteen years. That really deeply upset me. And i could not get over that for a minute..

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