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Sponsored by Bryn Mawr trust say Sam a good morning to you Carol it's the route you can trust sponsored by Brynmawr trust visit B. M. T. dot com and we take a look at the thirty by past that is a good route if right now the things are open so is the blue route for seventy six for attention now to fern rock north Philadelphia commercial building fire it's at broad and shoot just north of Albany Avenue and north of Feinstein medical complex so there's the problem and north on Broad Street it now appears that closed at chew street but this fire unfortunately a number of other recent fires southwest Philadelphia a fast food restaurant at island and Lindberg Boulevard west Philadelphia sixty first and Lansdowne Avenue that unfortunate combination business apartment fire and course we're can't worry Tim is a Kensington Kensington Avenue in Indiana huge fire here and detour still in effect another one in Frankford at Sanger and valley just off of Cheltenham Avenue are the latest is this nothing's changed center city is shut down the streets beat east to west between bein in South Street close north and south between this Google river and the Delaware River but major routes and through traffic still permitted on the Schuylkill expressway and ninety five and the vine here's the problem the Schuylkill expressway eastbound the still detoured at the vine that's because the weekend construction which isn't done yet for those of you that need to get off for thirtieth street you can do that east on the Schuylkill westbound is open vine expressway is open we can't get off at center city ninety five south bound had earlier accident that Bridge Street that is now out of the way we go to New Jersey it's okay on all major highways including a getting to the Ben Franklin bridge Ben Franklin is re open the close of yesterday also the Atlantic city expressway still close into Atlantic city except to note limited service has resumed with some bus detours were necessary and SEPTA rail remains a limited lifeline schedules due to the pandemic.

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