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A a arya has impersonate walter fray and his pulling off a gus freeing style mass assassination clan so what did you think of this scene jonah like this get you amped up for the show or or uh did you feel like 'have verity kinda made that point of the in the last season when arya murdered walter fray uh well i hear you're leading witness i i agree if inland if if that's what you're looking for that it's like a slow a slight repeats of the end of of last year oh what i felt was interesting is in the you know hbo go is has this sort of behind the scenes of the episode interview with whites abetting off and they said they were going to um put this later in the episode may decide to move it up to a cold of in which they they've done a cold up a couple of times with they decide to move it up to a cold open because they liked david bradley's performance much david bradley who plays will defray a or in this case aria pretending to be walter defray an um and i think if it had come later in the upset i think it would have been it felt would have helped more of a retread but since it's almost felt like part of the previously abu overt sumitomo yeah yeah um i liked it yeah i don't know it was or was leading oh sister a prison that will auction pseudo owes curious which when you won't look call man little call me and i did i thought of it's funny wanna when i was watching that scene i was remembering um there's a scene i don't know how familiar with the harry potter films at you might have her the little aid these harry potter um in the deadly hallowes i think it's part what am i defer to there's a scene wear.

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