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Jersey Jersey your whole New Jersey I'm sorry revealed thank you very much that is part join over to Mysterio uses that Dennis Pardo sounds a hell of a lot like get as well yes ma'am how many guests have done is see look at this we waited we was all my god nobody's going to call the phones are dead and in the last thirty seconds they all came up gotta love New Jersey jewelry Novica the very funny joing over who has the categories of New Jersey and music I have got a New Jersey one one point five movies and television and his the way trivia works categories or a music movies television New Jersey New Jersey one one point five there are multiple choice questions and if you get it right we're giving you choices we got choices here in New Jersey one one point five we have tickets to see John Fugelsang and the myself and a couple of the comedians this Friday night at the hope well theater and that sell hope will fear dot com and they can get you think if you were saying to start a few was saying was on a Monday night he did the last interview with George Harrison that Harrison performed that in the last song Harrison performed all things must pass and then he gets on a plane interviews Paul McCartney to same week about that if you have about that you don't have I talk to you and there we also got a four pack of passes through the twenty twenty progressive Atlantic city boat show running February twenty sixth to March first at the Atlantic city convention center take the family to twenty twenty progressive Atlantic city boat show February twenty sixth to March first at the I. X. city convention center for tickets and more information visit AC boat show dot com you ready Joe's of all I am ready Sir iready let's start from the top we got James in Mars down on the Jersey want to one point five days well how you doing that I Ms you are you thinking about this cheating scandal it will get enough of this stuff all right if you know what I think they should they should they should vacate the twenty seventeen championship with baseball and July you right I I totally believe that commissioner should take man out of his name he's just be rob Fred not rob man right he handled that unmanly that would be very resolution or to take away the championship but it would teach teams not to cheat you change it yeah I know you cheated there's all you cheated your out out means I brought your category my friend give me music meals so we now have I just happen to have a great music question for ya all right so this is a I'm gonna start with the real easy one for yeah let's see in now let me find one for you here around twenty make sure have the right answer okay name the classic album that the smithereens covered name the classic album that the smithereens covered is it a bat out of hell is it be born to run is it see meet the Beatles is it D. moving pictures I'll say meet the Beatles.

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