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To the newsletter because I'm going to go through. We've been following this breaking story coming out of Louisville and Ah Daniel Cameron, who is the A G there in Kentucky is still taking questions from the press because the grand jury announced just a little bit ago. Not may not even hour ago Thie indictment. Of Brett Hankinson, one of the three officers in the shooting death. They're brown, a tailor, and it's three counts of first degree wanted endangerment, and they determined that one of the other officers detective cost Grove was the one who actually fired the fatal shot. And there's a lot of discussion about the warrants and everything else. It's not a shut, unopened closed case just because of all of the information about the warrants because they weren't for her. It was they were looking at her property because it was involved in investigation with two other individuals that they were investigating. And they did determine what they did announce was that it was not a no knock warrant. It was a not but still I mean, I'm made of questions, and we're going to talk more about this. One of the other things that were following, too, is this story and I have to tell you I'm a little Ah ticked off it the way that the media has been handling this This situation, the story in Nashville that we were first talking about, and this was just what a couple of days ago that we were talking about this story. So the the This is the crux of this is that there was a story about how bars in Nashville, which are still closed down that the emails and discussion between city officials were noting they were acknowledging the small Number of Corona virus cases originating in bars, comparing it with like nursing homes, which were sky high and really discussing how it wasn't. It didn't really justify the closure of these bars. Long story short The story was that city officials were lying to everybody about the number of Corona virus cases originating in bars to justify the continued closure of bars. And it went crazy and the all these to the Tennessee and looked into it all. The Tennessee lookout looked into it. Everybody was looking into this. And so here's what we're going to bring on my my friend and guest here on just one second on this. So one of the affiliates there, Fox 17 when I looked at it, and they were trying to say that the story is false because thie emails were cherry picked Get the e mail say what they said. And city officials already said admitted that they were e mails in which they were discussing this stuff with each other. So what's the story on this for this? And of course on the mask holes that are running us all ragged. Our very good friend and you guys know it, but I know him is Glenn Jacob's Oh, I mean, I know you know what he used to do to Knox County Mayor there in Tennessee. It's always Glenn. It's always so good to see. I just Ah, face of reason of and hear a voice of reason. Because it's just where it's like that. It's like the end of the world. You know, it's like a fire hose and the situation with the masks, which I'm gonna ask you about because they were trying to get sassy with you. I saw local media was getting sassy with you on this. What's the, uh, What's the what's the real story here? Because it seems like I don't believe that it's a false story because an email was cherry pick. I mean, you cannot take what was written by city officials in an email with their own hands out of context. Well, Fox 17 took that story after website and believe they retracted it would have happened was thie. The statistics have been shared months before, evidently so they took it off their website and make an apology that then Really The broader issue is this constitutionally more important issue is the fact that OK, you have like 22 cases and bars in the gambling 1000 cases that could be traced to construction sites. To shut down the bars. Yeah. Okay. Ah, judge in federal judge in western Pennsylvania, Of course, you struck down the Governor Wolf's executive order in Pennsylvania, saying that it violated the 14th amendment due process and equal protection of the law Close. Well, now you're arbitrarily saying we're going to shut down your business, which Do they pose a threat to public health? You have 22 that we can trace here. You have 1000 years We're shutting you guys down 22,000 over here and you know it's it's early on you could see were okay. We don't have the data and can't through these things you know, and all that sort of stuff. Now that dad is starting to come in and You know, I think the problem is that there chair kicking. You know what? What they're gonna do Is this really all started? We started saying this business is essential in this business is nonessential government can determine you get stale doesn't get stay open. You know on what criteria reproduce for that, and it's just opened up the hard parts off all these different constitutional issues. And of course, I think that municipalities around the country in states and Counties and cities. They're gonna be facing lawsuits and constitutional questions and issues for years to come because of all this, and what's happened in many cases, you know is there it's It's Conjecture by experts were saying, Well, we think this is the case. But then the data doesn't always back it up. But no pasta makers were still saying this is what we have to do with the experts say. And constitutionally, that's very problematic. I think you bring up a really good point. Because in the beginning before we didn't know anything about it, I mean it could. I mean, I still disagreed with their imminent domain of this seizure of generating income. But a TTE least They could make a better case.

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