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Then if she recommended workout so it would be like me inside the app saying okay linzie this is what you're going to do today and it seems like gives you you'll work out with the wool mop and a co down oh so that's one really cool aspect about it's like you have your own personal training with you so i'm telling you this is what i would recommend fee to do based on your objectives the beauty about this is you know we will have a favorite muscle group right a buddy pot that we we love at buddies like i could do abs foday's i just do apso day day but then i don't wanna do but i don't wanna do 'em so on other apps you could go just skip that or just skip those oh just look down on the library videos and just do the ones i wanna do but these recommended workouts i'm me telling you i know you don't like to make about and then you get through the workout and you have to rate it on based on the on the rating it will then give you the knicks recommended woke up the next day based on you know on your fate back another cool aspect is as customize workup so if you do want to just do ten minutes that's all you've got time full which is another thing that i always like to stress just you know ten minutes is fine if you've got ten minutes do ten minutes during ceo i went workout today because i didn't have time ten minutes is better than nothing but then you can choose the muscle group of what he thought that you wanna work out for that ten minutes once again with the wool mop and cool down and then the other part of the episode i think is going to end up being the most loved part of the most used is the live classes so right now every saturday you can join me in the west hollywood studio and do of fifty five minute live class with me cool literally like your thing ever like you the yeah and then you know then we'll have one from new york from la when from london this gdi's that we have.

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