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I'm Hillary Howard. Mike Jack itis is our producer coming up. Secretary of State Blanken pushes back against harsh Republican criticism of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan Democrat comes out against the president's infrastructure plan to study predicts climate change will cause mass migration within countries. Why you need to update Your iPhone apple. Watch your iPad now. Another year. Another quarterback injury for the Washington football team and the Dow closed down closed up very green 262 points. NASDAQ was down 10 S and P up 10 w T o p at 6 31 Secretary of State Antony Blinken is facing questions for the first time publicly from Congress members and this follows the bloody US exit from Afghanistan. Testifying remotely. Secretary of State Antony Blinken defended the US exit from Afghanistan. There's no evidence Staying longer. Would have made the Afghan security forces. Or the Afghan government any more resilient or self sustaining. Blinken says he expanded resources dedicated to processing visas for Afghan allies and called the evacuation of U. S personnel there in extraordinary effort, But the committee's top Republican Texas congressman Michael McCaul, says otherwise, this was an unmitigated disaster. Of epic proportions. Steve Dorsey. CBS NEWS Washington Work resumes this week on Capitol Hill on President Biden's giant budget reconciliation bill, But a key Democratic senators once again throwing cold water in the plant. West Virginia's Joe Manchin says he cannot support the $3.5 trillion price tag, saying it'll instead need to be one or 1.5 trillion. On the other end. Independent Bernie Sanders, who's helping write the bill says it should be far bigger and 3.5 trillion is an acceptable medium mansions. Opposition is notable since Democrats have no votes to spare in an evenly split sentence. Associated Press correspondent soccer Madani. Meantime, House Democrats Putting together the plan are looking to increase taxes on the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans in their effort to pay for House Democrats are proposing the corporate tax rate be increased. East at 26.5%. For corporations making more than $5 million. The wealthiest Americans would also see their income tax rate go up to 39.6%. But the smallest businesses would see their tax rate actually dropped to 18%, CBS correspondent Sarah You a white Up ahead on w T o P Will California's governor state or go we'll Preview Tomorrow's recall Election? 6 33. It was a long.

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