San Fire, Novak Djokovic, Yolo County discussed on KCBS Radio Weekend News


Days to complete an upset of Novak Djokovic, Tom Foty, CBS news. It's ten five at the bay area's news station KCBS. We've got some temperatures tonight in the fifties and sixties tomorrow will be warm day with a heat advisory. We'll check the full forecast in just a few minutes. A wildfire in yolo county is growing now to nearly two thousand acres prompting mandatory evacuations and sending smoke into parts of the bay area. San fire started this afternoon near the community wind done continues to spread because of the windy, dry, conditions ficials have issued evacuation orders on both sides of highway sixteen just north of Gwenda Annalong county road, forty one and evacuation center has been established at the spark. Oh, boy scout camp on yellow avenue, some of the smoke from that fire is drifting into the bay area including in Marin snowman, San Francisco counties. There is another fire burning this evening and Sutter county at north Butte road and Westport road. It's about nine miles northeast of Qaluza fire officials there say that places about nine hundred fifty acres and sixty percent contained calistoga crews are also battling the ink fire off of pope valley road. Fire covers fifty acres and is seventy five percent contained. It is the first red flag warning of the fire season. That has been issued now for the north bay mountains and hills above thousand feet through tomorrow afternoon highest threat remains in eastern. Napa.

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