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And abetting in the killing of George Floyd as a memorial service took place just blocks away at north central university speaking to reporters former Minneapolis police officer Thomas lanes defense attorney Earl gray says his client expressed concern about George Floyd's condition and performed CPR in the ambulance I'm not claiming is following orders as he thought what he was doing was right because the Asterix training officer should we rolled over twice criminal contempt for second degree murder to town lane and J. Alexander king made their first appearance in Hennepin county District Court as friends relatives and celebrities gathered to memorialize Floyd at the nearby assemblies of god college at a justice department news conference Attorney General William Barr says intelligence shows that and to find other groups have encouraged some of the worst of the violence during the recent protests I do think it's important to to point out the the witches brew that we have of extremists individuals and groups that are involved the Senate Judiciary Committee has postponed a vote to allow subpoenas in the operation crossfire hurricane probe into next week buying new reports eager for a chance to vote senator Ben Sasse complain lawmakers were making speeches to troll for sound bites the reality is if we didn't have cameras in this room the discussion would be different committee chairman senator Lindsey Graham disagreed with all we're gonna do we're gonna do with this committee needs to do and we're gonna fight it out and we're going to vote and we're not going to be done skews me we're not gonna be done today so I don't see a resolution the state you need to go somewhere go Rambo's bond about which he now says will take place next week but thank you report a mixed day on Wall Street as the Dow was up by twelve points but the nasdaq dropped sixty seven.

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