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Better prepares you that god forbid if the balloon bills up in your lives then you're actually better prepared for it didn't if you hadn't seen them yeah well you know you always talk about aspin watching your ass which is clever a s sp what does a s p stand for well i mean it it's court first of all kifri akron selfprotection i feel at the active selfprotection but it also lose how training strategy when we first one on adequacy been scouring the noclaims attitude skills clan eight so when we say cover your ass were very careful to make sure we enunciate the p at the end there and so in doing so we talk about listen you want to make sure that your attitude is correct and what a lot of people call their defensive mine i prefer to think of it as an attitude which is my arrangement or my my for compressor that occurred at some level come first book world things attitude is always fruit wants to have an attitude that i am willing to protect myself personally i feel article underpinnings for that then we talk about skills in brazil skills and you can't just say well i'm gonna protect my sal you got to act we have uh philly and let me building is still that that is more than gus grissom ed handed steals and if possible legal introduced it's been firearms from less lethal cool with another coup finally so what is my clear in full if something like this goes down how to handle cars how what would happen in a home is ease with our family clans on without effect thus in this particular way who what what all these things happen i feel like when you have asked me you'll and plan put together to have the best chance hospitable come out of a deadly force it counter as a victory nothing key things you know uh the youth the bad guy gets it afloat but it gives you the best possible and so that's why we use that cover your ask little catchphrase because it means make sure that your attitude in your plan or in place and that's awesome john nuts very helpful for me as well as holding we have for the segment on frontlines of freedom but in a few minutes we'll be back with john korea and more active selfprotection disagreeing best give coil and frontlines of freedom hit the deck and doing easy slow thirty one hundred push ups with each hand of course i want you lean and mean so you can go out there and protect your family's.

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