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Was hard to avoid people in some situations but those who are here all weekend say today's crowds weren't improvement you know there are fewer people today than they were yesterday for many people they just say they needed to get out and trust themselves to do the rest it's a subdued Memorial Day with Americans making low key tributes to the nation's war dead the vehicle played taps at the Virginia war memorial in Richmond it was live streamed because the public was barred due to covert nineteen restrictions president trump visited Baltimore's fort McHenry the star spangled banner still proudly waves for as long as our flag flies in the sky above the names of these fallen warriors will be woven into its threads the presumptive democratic presidential nominee appeared in person for the first time in two months CBS's Matt Piper reports Joe Biden Marshall Morial day by laying a wreath out of that orange park right through our service he saluted those who were there at the new castle Delaware park not far from his home thank you for coming here today not all country gone since abruptly cancelling a rally back on March tenth in Cleveland the presumptive democratic presidential nominee has been campaigning from the basement of his home police in several states are searching for twenty three year old Peter Manfredonia who's accused of killing two people and assaulting a third in Connecticut family attorney Michael Dolan urged him to surrender Peter if you're listening your love your parents your sisters your entire family loves you nobody wants any harm to come to you tonight a Florida mother is in custody charged with the murder of her autistic child CBS's Margaret Brennan surveillance video appears to show Patricia Ripley pushing her nine year old son Alejandro into a canal the boy was rescued by a bystander but authorities say about an hour later she led him to a second canal where he drowned you say Ripley initially claimed the boy had been kidnapped but later confessed after being questioned.

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