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Up to twelve thousand off two thousand nineteen barber leftovers clearance priced one day Monday at by bears on the Boulevard in the K. by W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm a complaint after the third no check of eyewitness weather here's C. B. S. threes Tiffany Simona patchy fog will be possible once again in spots this morning then we'll see a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon another hot and humid day on tap with highs around ninety two heat index values around ninety eight and a slight chance for an isolated shower thunderstorm this afternoon overnight warm and muggy temperatures drop into the middle seventies and then on Monday a heat advisories in effect for the hot and humid weather high temperatures around ninety five the heat index of one oh three and the chance for an isolated shower thunderstorm in the afternoon right now the broadcast center mostly cloudy seventy six degrees heading up the ninety two with the possible storm or shower because of the humidity you are never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on KYW news radio good morning of John oft covered Connor Barth conoce at the editor's desk three things to know at seven forty five dozens of north Philadelphia residents aired their frustrations in the wake of Wednesday seven and a half hour standoff with police in nice town tie over which left six officer shot in the accused gunman facing a long list of charges with the innocent though it's the trauma of having violence and the police response so close to home the ceremony later today in Iceland will mark the end of a glacier there ice land a little less I you see as the effects of climate change reshape our world we're also celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Woodstock festival in New York and here's a bird's eye view of its start like just about every musician at Woodstock Arlo Guthrie got there by helicopter accompanied by to New York state troopers and the big one look at the little one and said there's a lot of hippies down there and little one said yep and then the big one said out but they're doing lots of the legal staff the little one said yep and then the big one said but I am going down there nothing or you know the ones that nope and that's when we realized we were gonna have a pretty good time at that festival to be at a historic event were you know it's historic and it's not a disaster is one in a million and Arlo Guthrie says.

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