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I'm Cisco Koto, and I'm Chris cry. Dell. We have a wintry conditions today. Some drizzle and leaving a little ice on the sidewalk right now. It's twenty nine degrees. The wind chill index is twenty or top local story on NewsRadio WBZ and the new King County sheriff says he's listening to the concerns of both the people who work for him in those. He keeps locked up in the county jail tonight. He'll be one of those behind bars. WBZ M's Bernie to foia explains. After a series of behavioral problems in two sections of the came county jail. New sheriff Ron Hain ordered a security sweep in them and besides graffiti and pornography on the walls illegal homemade alcohol was found in all we removed between twenty and thirty bottles of. Hooch from one of the pods on the other side of the coin sheriff Haynes says inmates make complaints to him about the food and temperature at night in the jail. So he plans at least once a month to stay overnight in a cell wearing what inmates where an eating what they eat. If I can live by it as a baseline, then they should be able to if I find it to be discussing and inhumane, we'll make the appropriate changes to NewsRadio on one or five point nine FM the fire department in lake mills Wisconsin is in mourning today after the death of a captain who was killed while off duty helping at a crash scene. Captain Chris Truman is remembered by fellow firefighters as a great person, caring and compassionate, captain. Mark bernheimer said he was always the first person to step forward and help anyone who needed help. That's what he was doing. When police say a drunk driver took his life. A woman had crashed her car Truman stopped to help. Her family says he told her to get back in the car while he removed a bumper that was preventing her from getting the car off the road. He was telling her he'd follower to the. Next exit. When he was hit the woman's family says they're grieving they called Truman and angel. He had been with the fire department for thirteen years. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on what else I point nine FM. History was made this afternoon in Brownsville as a new state Representative was sworn in Thirty-six-year-old Lamont Robinson is replacing Juliana Stratton who will be Lieutenant governor Robinson's the first openly gay African American man to join the Eleanor general assembly. He says it's the distinction that matters matters because we need someone to.

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