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Southeast Indiana and the Seymour north Vernon area right now. And it's heading this way right now. Twenty seven degrees. Three people are dead after a vehicle hit a tree in the thirteen hundred block of Bethel new hope road in Brown county among the victims eighty-three-year-old, Robert Muller and another victim who is a juvenile. There is no word yet from Ohio State patrol on who was driving and whether speed or alcohol were factors another arraignment today in the rodent family murder case in pike county this time, it's the mother Angela Wagner who goes. Before the judge so far. Her two sons have been denied bond in the murders of eight people next week. Angela's husband Billy will be arraigned. It will head off the addition of fees and taxes on plastic bags and other containers as a way to reduce waste tells lawmakers here at the state house are overwhelmingly against the idea of merchants adding their own fees to use plastic shopping bags. Steve Representative John Barnes, a Cleveland democrat. Make no mistake about it to poor people. This is going to add a cost bag fees have already been proposed but not adopted in Cincinnati in cuyahoga county, the Bill to ban such fees across Ohio still needs the approval of the Ohio Senate and the governor at the state house, Jared alad NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w well GM makes cuts Volkswagen is planning a new factory in North America to build electric vehicles. The new boss of VW's US division says they're still deciding on a. Location. President Trump will not rule out pardoning his former campaign chief, Paul Manafort. He's telling me the New York Post, pardon is not off the table, though. He says it's not something he's ever discussed. College basketball ex you beat Miami easily eighty two fifty five at cintas center last night, reds announcing more coaches, including Delano does shields who will be the first base coach. The forecast is next News Radio seven hundred wwl w news time is five. Oh, when it comes to transportation.

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