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This Baker Mayfield. Oh, God. I don't know how to feel about that one. Oh boy. Yeah, I mean. Get it for me. What do we got? Well, as a court at the quarterback position, there's going to be 12 guys that I say, hey, start this guy and you're like, thanks, captain obvious. So I'm reaching down there. But last time. Hopefully, right? Yeah. So you got people, you know, Matthew Stafford could not play. Who knows what's going on in Murray. You could have a snowpocalypse in Buffalo. So you don't want to play Cleveland's quarterback. Why am I drawing a blank? Yeah. So way down there, you have baker. Last time he played in the second half of some garbage time points. He looked really good. He had three touchdowns in the second half. They're playing Baltimore. I think I'll have more opportunity for garbage points. And like I said, I was just trying to get a stretch here. So we'll see if it works out. There are 13 point hundred dog. Right now. So they're going to need to throw the ball, I guess, is your best hope there. Lots of volume leads to a few touchdowns. The offense has looked better, surprisingly, since McCaffrey left, like they're running the ball better, DJ's come alive a little bit. Now that could be PGA walker. Could be a new coaching staff could be just a different vibe in the locker room. So let's see what baker has. I think I'm ready to see Sam darnold again. Give him another shot. Yeah, right? Why not at this point? Start him too? Just start the Panthers quarterback. Anthony started the week. All right. Honda running back. She good Anthony. Good. All right. Start of the week last week for me at running back was Jamaal Williams. He had 14 points, scored a touchdown. I'll take it. My start of the week this week is going to be Brian Robinson versus the Houston Texans. So those Houston Texans, I think I've attacked him a few times this year, are still 32nd versus the rush, allowing the most fantasy points to running backs in the league. Brian Robinson had a career high 26 carries last week. It wasn't the most efficient with them. Got 86 yards and a touchdown, but in fantasy, we will take that, especially for where he's ranked. So the touches will remain high in this game, where there are three and a half point road favorites. And I think Gibson is probably also a good start this week. But it does sound like JD mckissick could be back, so I think it will eat into some of that pass catching role that Gibson has had pretty much exclusively for the last few weeks with mckissick out. And Robinson doesn't get any targets, so that doesn't affect his workload at all.

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