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Not petty, but it gets back to that argument with the original amac, where the appeal had nothing to do with the technical specs, right? Like the idea that Apple's chief design officer was spent spent an inordinate amount of time obsessing over an array of watch bands for what is Austin Healey tech product? Doesn't sound like the way a tech a computer companies should work, but it's absolutely part of a huge part to me of the appeal of apple watch as a product line. And I absolutely think it's a huge part of what? What drove Johnny Ives interest in apple watch as a product yet. And there's, there's something there's, there's a fundamental tradeoff that comes from working for a company like apple, which is the designs that you make in the decisions in all those unlimited resources. And like the work that you do wins in the hands of hundreds of millions of people. So, like, the, the, the resources and the impact are absolutely massive, but there are just a massive number of constraints that come with that you're constrained by the technology or constrained, by having to meet a price point. You're constrained by, like all these working in a big bureaucracy and having to deal with the Scott forestalls of the world like there's all these constraints that come with it, and force it always sort of surprised me in some respect that I've lasted as long as he did. Because if you're sort of like a designer and you just have the need to create the desire to do watts of things, there's no surprise you with the. Zayn Christmas trees, residing, chairs around sort of side products he would do because how can you how can you design so few and things for such a long time. When? Kind of a very stifling place to be, and you do it because the impact, and you do it because of the resources and you do it because you love your team and you care to be worked with, and you do it because the Steve Jobs, and all those sorts of things. But at the end of the day, like you, honestly, if you look at it from that perspective, it's almost surprising. He lasted as long as he did in hell. Yeah. Mix them watch bands like. It's fun. It's fun. In a way that designing the actual case of the watcher designing the next version of the iphone just will could never could never be. Let me take a break here, and thank our next Bonsor, and I'm going to go, and then and then I'm going to go into a, a humble brag anecdote. So put a pay you get one. X-press VPN, look, maybe you think no one wants to steal your data maybe thing. Hackers aren't looking at your data looking at your in network. Traffic if you use public wifi, something like that, you might be it's really public wifi is really not, not very safe at all. And I'm not saying that just simply because express VPN is sponsoring the show. It's, it's just sort of an inherently dangerous risky, sort of thing to.

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