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Morning long. Your next report at 7 40 on NewsRadio 1055 W Well, it looks like it is going to be kind of cloudy day. Today. We'll see a little bit of sunshine about 30% chance of rain 87 for the high today. Right now we've got clouds and 75 Alabama's morning news. Leah Brandon coming up here in just a couple of minutes with her news, But first Fox News covers the world. News. I'm Chris Foster Hurricane Sally's a slow mover now expected to make landfall tomorrow morning near the Alabama Mississippi border. Forecasters warning of potentially historic flooding. Emergency declarations have been issued in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The slow moving storm could dump more than 2 ft of rain in some parts and create life threatening surges, perhaps as high as 9 ft along the coast. Fox's Rick Leventhal before briefing in California, on the wildfires burning there. Rendon, other Western states. President Trump Claims forest management, not climate change When freeze fall down after a short period of time about 18 months, they've become very dry. They become really like a magic Joe Biden says in a speech on climate change. If you give a climate arsonists four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised? We have Mohr America Blaze America? Alabama remains under a state of emergency. Today's the forecast for Hurricane Sally has now been adjusted to make landfall along the South Alabama Mississippi border. It'll happen between late tonight and early tomorrow morning hurricane. Sadly, though, getting weaker as it creeps slowly towards us, the winds of decreased to 85 miles an hour earlier, Sally had intensified into a Category two hurricane. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for several South Alabama counties as the storm is expected to die. Opas Muchas 10 to 15 inches of rain along the Gulf Coast that'll cause widespread flooding. Ah storm surge between six and 9 ft. Also possible in communities like Dolphin Island, Baldwin County could get as much as 4 to 7. Ft of storm surge in between five and eight inches of rain expected to fall on parts of central Alabama between now and Thursday. I'm Leah Brandon. And this is Alabama's morning news. Now back to your host. Here's J T R eally A Thank you very much of his 7 33. Let's check in with Mickey Ferguson once again over Fox, six. And get the latest on Hurricane Sally. And what's happening along the coast there in what could happen later today on into tomorrow, making good morning. Thanks for being back from these, So this thing is a slow mover, right? Yeah, that's the biggest problem. J. T is just Ah, it's weekend Category one status, but it's moving so slowly, almost standing still just about two MPH so that is going to produce. It looks like historic flooding for the coastal areas of Mobile and Baldwin County and into the Florida Panhandle just east of Pensacola. They could get anywhere from 15 to 25 inches. That's a couple of feet of rain. Some places maybe even 30 inches of rain, So it's just like I said. Could prove to be historic for that area. So ah, I think that really is the greatest threat. You can't rule out. You know, some spin up tornadoes there. But man, they're just getting hammered with lots and lots of rainfall in the coastal areas. I do want to say Ah, two different models put this thing going in different directions. One state keeps it a little further to the south, and that would mean not as much impact for us here at home. But if it moves further to the north course it increases our rain chances. We do have a flash flood watch from Jefferson County southward for tonight. Going into Ah Thursday morning. So let's just, you know, prepare for the worst, but hope for the best with Sally. What's the timeline Mickey?.

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