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Okay came not if you're not became a picky was lowers now i'm picking frozen wilde's attack because it's more horizon and who doesn't want more the frozen air high all that was also very very excellent deal see i have a feeling that my best you'll see i haven't played yet let's either not a hero ras evil seven which are highly that will be my best deals e or episode ignace which i have not played yet either i'm going with episode ignace 'cause i like a straight up sobbed yeah yeah like like good job good job i don't know britain if i can get a let you get away with picking till you haven't played i was going to say episode prompter because i had is when i way okay episode upto prom polio is trump totally this this is tough especially with like games his life services cut of hard to tell like what would be considered deal seve it's just like a patch update but rubber beards more thank you asked me so nicely tang it this was fucking and hard i think i'm going to go with the frozen wild swell in it's because i didn't have immediate complaints with this i hate them worry than the error that the thing but i was immediately impressed by i was impressed by how amazing the cut scenes look the animation look how deep they went into the lower of this one tribe how well tied back to the main narrative of the whole game and it felt like median substantial without feeling overwhelming so i'm going frozen while swelled deals he also confirm horizon as we game of the year.

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