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Welcome back to the GMC weird news podcasts so cottage cheese. some people are fans. Some people are not we once had an intern at a place where I worked high school intern nicest sweetest kid but he it was just horrified by the thought of cottage cheese so one day when we were out to lunch he and another coworker ordered some cottage cheese just because neither of them had tried it so I commend them for trying it it's kind of. I don't know if it's an acquired taste or if it is just something that you either love or hate but this is a cottage cheese tub that has gone viral not viral well actually it might be viral for more than one reason because it could be filled with you okay so suspect. Tyrian virus but work with me here but it went viral online because it was left in an office fridge for seven years. That's a health hazard people uh-huh so this is the you know we when when you think about office refrigerators you tend to think about things that get left that don't that are in thereafter passed their expiration date you get the the snarky notes about don't steal my food then you get the people who steal the food the office refrigerator as a place of much drama drama but this story is from a Reddit user J. B. J. G. Bones also known as Julia from mm Philadelphia and she shared the office legend. That is a tub of pineapple cottage cheese okay. Does it have chunks of pineapple in it. I I would assume so I mean cottage cheese often served with fruit but I didn't realize that they made panapa cottage cheese. I don't get out much so this little tub of cheesy. Weirdness weirdness has survived in the Fridge for seven years. Now why okay anyway happy the anniversary to this little tub of pineapple cottage cheese. It has now survived seven years in our work fridge without being thrown out. I take a picture of it each year. Julia Julia wrote and there is in fact a picture of her with this each year so Julia said that her secret is that the cheese is indeed hers I. She says I bought it back. In twenty twelve opened it tasted it hated it and threw it in the fridge so apparently it's low fat and has weird fake pineapple in it. Okay it managed to get pushed to the back. I forgot about it. No one touched it and then sure enough. It managed to survive. I have a whole year with no one touching it. Then it became a joke no one wanted to throw it out. Have they open it. Recently other cheeses in a tub with the lid on the seal has been broken in but it's never the perpetrator of any weird odors we moved offices earlier this year and now we have more room to fridges no smells and where a happy family early besides everyone respects the cheese is has been there a long time. I admire their commitment but wow again. I'm just wondering mcadoo. Does there's no smells clearly. They aren't opening it. I'm thinking because it would definitely smell if you opened it. Julia is waiting the right time to open up the cheese or throw it away either when she leaves the job or hits ten years residents in the fridge or maybe I'll bestowed on another colleague colleague. She adds the laugh. I have opened it since I bought it so I wonder what it looks like inside. My boyfriend is incredibly against it staying in the fridge at home so it's got a bunch on just post it notes saying don't toss and everyone here in the office knows not to touch it and there's a close up of the cottage cheese container with the expiration expiration date which was September seventeenth twenty twelve wow non-fat pineapple cream cheese or cottage cheese interesting. The first comet makes me laugh. I'm depressed to think that a container of cottage cheese lasted longer at a company that I ever did. Oh sorry that is sad but also kind of funny. Finally we shall talk about the fact that today is talk like a pirate day every year. September nineteenth talk like a pirate day and I was never fully sure why Y it was September nineteenth but it turns out that this was created by to Oregon two men from Oregon Ghent to Oregonians and they created it because they were playing a game of racquetball. The of course doesn't that make sense so this is from Albany Oregon and the holiday which is known as talk like a pirate day was started during a game of racquetball between two friends the quote is we started taunting each other with pirate phrases like our that'd be a fine cannon aid and you slapped that one off the off off me missing mast. Maybe can't even say that we had so much fun doing this game with pirate words that we decided there ought to be a a day in every one day and every year where every ban woman and child is encouraged to talk like a pirate said Mark Mark Summers otherwise known as Captain Sloppy. It's and there's a picture of the two of them in there pirate gear looking very festive and entertaining so he he and his friend John Bauer old jumbo kit as he's otherwise known played the game on June sixth but new since it was d day that day was off limits so we settle on September nineteenth which was my ex wife's birthday. We weren't being mean. The date was just stuck in my head said Summers and it stuck for around. I mean for the first seven years. The holiday was observed by close friends. It was really simple. It was like about four or five friends all knew about it and we would call each other at work and talk pirate day and go and hang up and that was the extent of talk like a Pirate Day back then seventy seven years later they pitched the the idea to a columnist at the Miami Herald after his column was printed the holiday took off pretty soon mark and John or getting phone calls from all over Summers said we're getting interviews with media outlets from Australia to the BBC New Zealand Ireland Denmark South America. We were headed. We're hearing from everywhere from people who were just excited to be playing pirate. Never expecting it to become what it is today. Summer says he's happy to be part of of a somewhat cult holiday. We gave the pirate community a Christmas. This is their holiday. It's been kind of fun to be the Santa to a whole new celebration ration- that is awesome. I never thought I mean I. I always think about how the holidays get started because as I've said before for there are multiple holidays on every day of the year. If you ever go to one of those calendar sites and look at the holidays you will see that there are just a million holidays and so always kind of wonder how they get started and it's fun to know the back story of this of this this fun Pirate Day in conclusion. I will say that tomorrow is September twentieth because today is September nineteenth. Talk like a pirate day and it's the day we're supposed to we. I don't mean me. I'm not going but the day that people are supposed to be storming area fifty one one and you know that there will be reporting on what actually happened because there's there's going to be news stories. There's going to be stories who knows as if anything will actually happen but there will be stories regardless of people you know they'll they'll be there. They'll be looking out for people to Storm Area Fifty one. There will probably be food trucks or something. I don't even know I know they were. They were talking about doing a festival at one point. I'm not sure that that ever came about but hey as always I will. I will bring you that news next time on the next episode because we need we need to know what happened at. Area Fifty one on September twentieth so please join me for the next episode of the GMC Weird News podcast in the meantime have a wonderful weekend and stay weird word It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in.

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