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We'll have the forecast coming up. Governor Kevin stead announcing the appointment of Tim, gaps as secretary transportation and David Ostro as secretary of digital transformation in administration to cabinet positions. That will require Senate confirmation Gadsden served as the executive director of the Oklahoma turnpike a thorny since June twenty sixteen Ostro well served on the governor's cabinet, unpaid capacity, planning strategic emphasis on digital transformation and the delivery of services across all state agencies after will continue though in his role as president CEO of o m restaurant group could be some changes ahead in the scope of the governor's authority. Here's Sean Kelly. Jerry. One Bill we'll likely hear more about when the legislative session starts next month would give the governor the ability to hire and fire the directors of some of the state's largest agencies. It would apply to the directors of the departments. Have transportation corrections mental health the office of juvenile affairs healthcare authority. Currently those agency directors are hired and fired by agency boards. Made up of members appointed by the governor and other state officials Senate president pro tem, Greg treat is running that Bill a body found in maze county west of Langley two men walking through a wooded area. Made the discovery the maze county sheriff's office working to determine those remains might be those of a local man was reported as missing just after Christmas yoke mistake medical examiner's office is conducting DNA testing.

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