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In the early going up three zip at Spartan stadium Jack got snap back to brown the working with a middle throw crossing Petr cech Cody white inside the fifteen and run down at the thirteen yard line of Maryland by hand one Brooks can be more wide open the naturally white on a little crossing this one's a over route and gets the ball he flattens that keep his his running out toward the sideline he's still running right now George we had a great week last week gently Levin catches on a thirty six and three touchdowns let's see that again today Max Rosenthal winds up on the right wing for the Spartans Collins of the room rate of Brian the working at the shot gun hand off to allow your runs do is laugh bites his way close to the ten any show back a little why I say it Davis the middle linebacker from temple hills Maryland the ball is a little closer to the eleven the end of the ten so to be second down been a long seven just outside the ten yard line of Maryland Spartans up three nothing five in forty eight to play here first quarter this still formation Brownlow working with allies your columns behind it and so allies you off right tackle good ankle grant with the line of scrimmage by Antoine Brooks who is probably their best defender stand out free safety auto land of Maryland I was very close the yeah he has to get up that's a touchdown probably yeah.

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