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We're not talking about somebody that was super, super different. Like, this is a tenable for the Patriots, I guess, is the point I'm trying to get across. Right, no, we're looking at this because they might have another guy like this on their roster. And I know everybody in the NFL you need the number one wide receiver, even when you get them, you still need other options when that guy's covered and if you don't get them, you can still kind of make headway with some of these guys who are maybe not like Hall of Famers, but still branches a great player during this window. He's a little underrated. They might have this guy on the roster. It feels like they do in Kendrick Bourne. Yeah, yeah, I think so. All right, let me bring in the colts, the colts. While you're doing that, what do you think of this comment? He kind of looks like a lave. I could see that. I could see that a little bit. Yeah, I think a lot, of course, I got background noise now. I think a lave is a little bit faster in a straight line, I guess, maybe, you know, like in terms of true vertical routes, I maybe give that to the lava a little bit. But I understand, you know, the play speed and things like that. A lot of it is like, to me, the deep post is a lot of it, right? That's a lot they play. But that's the difference, I think, a little bit there with a guy like branch and a guy like a lave is just sort of the vertical route tree that he's going to run in the NFL, speaking about a lave. All right. I think we got the cold splay in here now. Nice. So this play is a lot like the also, it's just awesome to see Tony Dungey upset because that just that just makes me happy, right? So this plays a lot like the one that we broke down against the eagles where they're going to run that hitch corner concept, right? The smash concept. And again, he just has leverage on the safety, love the celebration..

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