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Did last year With you had an interesting stat. Courtesy of one of your listeners on the radio show yesterday if anybody out of all the teams that had defenses what that allowed was the twenty eight points or twenty nine points per game or higher. That the raiders. Were the only one eight. A derek carr with their cards starting quarterback with that offense so this team. I mean yes. The defense was far far far away from being playoff caliber defense but with with all the all things considered you look at the miami game right. You look at the charger game on on on thursday night. Even looking at chiefs game. And it's tough candy chiefs twice and not saying that should be an expectation but those are three games at all. Come down to the final possession. Know more or less you make one play here one player there and it's a totally different outcome. You're looking at maybe ten or eleven and five and all of a sudden. You're you're in playoff contention if that's the case so but like you said with the improvements. The raiders made in terms of brain in new personnel or rally in the improvements that you're expecting from your younger group. I think when you take a look at the schedule it's tough. There's no doubt about it. But i think it helps that baltimore at home helps to be at home against miami dolphins. It helps to see those. Nfc seems bill when the raiders are better than in washington who i think the raiders are still a little better than even the washington as a good defense. Those games are at home and then you look at the roads schedule outside of division games. Yes cleveland very good pittsburgh's and we we figure he's going to be pretty good but we don't know about alice with with how bad their defense was last year. And we don't know about the giants. The giants had their moment. They were competing that weird. Nfc east last year too but like we sure about daniel jones. He turns the ball over quite a bit sure they upgraded his supporting cast enough during the draft during free agency to where we think that they have a distinctively. Better rush raiders. I'm not. I don't think so at all so just of course you'd never know there's so. Many variables are still things that need to happen right like touched on. There's the injury situation. There's always a mark injury or two or three or four or five that affect the outcome of the nfl season in effect kind of nature. Some of these games but looking at the schedule yeah. I think this team the expectation should be competing for a playoff berth. Once again and i think the schedule plays into what they wanna do. No question about it and yeah that that was a pretty startling stat. of the twenty one teams that have given up twenty-nine more or more points per game Since since twenty since thousand and two only the raiders and the chicago bears got to five hundred. And if you look at the to both of those different situations while the writers had only fifteen takeaways the bears had twenty eight takeaways that season. So that helped them get to that. Eight hundred eight Otherwise is pretty impossible. If your if your defense is giving up that many points for you'd have a even close to a five hundred record Most of it was five eleven. There was no in sixteen there. Foreign you know three and thirteen and were pretty good. Quarterbacks deshaun watson went for and twelve. I think it was last year with texans on a team that ever that gave up twenty nine points per game Matthew stafford was five and eleven last year on a team that gave up. Twenty-nine points per game drew. Brees was seventy nine One year. I think it was two thousand fifteen when his what is defense gave up. Twenty-nine points per game so it just old shows you how difficult it is to overcome a defense. That's given up that many points and honestly how impressive it was. That the raiders were able to get to eight nate largely because their car on the offense were that good so and it also lastly shows you that if the writers had any sort of a defense last year things would have been a whole lot different. And that's what. I think over there in henderson at their practice facility. They're counting on gus bradley. They're counting on cory littleton. In the newcomers janaka gakugei. The youngsters getting better. They're counting on that defense. Taking a step forward and if they do Ten and seven eleven and six is absolutely without question within the raiders reached. Sam yang. I'm with you. i don't. I don't think that's i don't think it's unrealistic Like you said given the addition of guys bradley really. We saw so far in the first the first couple months offseason. We saw that the raiders. Right we saw what it was on in free agency we saw. It was on in the draft right. They know that this offense is good enough west player playoff-caliber last year. You re tool the offense in line. A little bit. But with tom cable doing his thing. For as long as you've been doing it you figure that that unit is going to be solid regardless of the loss of gauge action iranian They have a plan there with alex. Leatherwood with andrea james. They have a plan in place. I think that unit is going to be solid but other than that offensively you have one of the best players all football in their waller like you said every rugs and bryan edwards You can't be a little bit more productive. John brown can stretch the field. I'm not sure he's going to produce the white house aguilar. Did aguilar was awesome in. Twenty twenty headstones big payday with the new england patriots but josh job rows deep threat since he stepping leading twenty four thousand fifteen. He's been one of the better. Threats in the league was awesome with low a couple of years ago. One thousand yard season so the the offense i think for sure is going to be pretty good Again like you said to backs josh. Jacobs kenyan drake introduce different. Things can keep jacobs a little bit more fresh and then and then defensively. I think the bradley the addition of rally. What he wants to do is philosophy and then kind of tailoring your roster to fit that Adding up the a pass rush getting players that fit his cover three scheme and his ability to develop talent that we talked about ad. Nauseam throughout the correspond. podcasts These last couple of months. I think huge to so with all those components i mean. Yeah the expectations should be to compete for playoff berth. No question about it. And i don't think that's unrealistic at all. I think the like we've talked about what the schedule there's gonna be some tough games. There's going to be some some some hostile environments that they're going to go play in but you would think that elision stadium is going to be an equally hostile environment for opposing teams to. We're gonna find out. I think probably pretty early on just how much of a home field advantage that region stadium can provide. And that's what. I'm super excited about with with scheduled releases is just kind of seeing where the fans are gonna be able to showcase their stuff flexor stuff on a national audience and what that's going to look without question and by this time next week we will know what that schedule looks like. We'll have a better idea of who wear win. What time of. The raiders are playing. And we'll absolutely talk about that and then also talk about Kind of moving forward as the raiders. Continue this their off-season program Kind of a another weird offseason program. We don't know How many players are actually get out of field when they're allowed to do that Later this month basically next week when the onfield portion of ota's start How many players are gonna show up. How many players are going to stick to that boycott Being pushed by the nfl players association. With you know that the rookies Have gotten into our will. Be in town This week to try to to kind of fall in line on the offseason program. Most of the rookies. That drafted rookies. Anyway were not at the quote unquote rookie minicamp over the weekend. That was more reserved for undrafted free agents trial basis players and some some very very young players that are in the in the raiders program That are trying to To kind of make their mark up at the rockies Getting acclimated and we'll we'll talk about that next week and hopefully have a better idea maybe of what the onfield. Ota's are going to are going to look like but until then thanks to all the listeners. We really appreciate the support. The numbers reflect your interest. And we thank you for your why we do that sam. Thanks so much for the help. As usual i'll see you. Add allegiant stadium pretty soon here and a great thanks to Our producer larry mira fro is holding things down and make sound good getting us out on a timely matter. He puts in a lot of work. Not just with aspen. All the other podcasts that we do here begas nation and deserves a big round of applause. So anyway we will talk to you guys next week vegas nation. I ten have a great week. Great weekend enjoyed tomorrow's festivities and we'll talk about it next week. Look for seven at seven local streaming news from las vegas review journal by on your smartphone at the rj app or it's available on roku tv fire tv and apple tv. Download the app and you're ready to go for senate at seven..

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