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We can report suggested here ply for asylum in Britain, just the prime minister agreed that Britain should be a beacon for. Human rights and those fleeing religious persecution. Prime minister to the gentlemen, that our primary concern is for the safety and security of I see a baby and and family we want to see swift revenue resolution of the situation. Obviously, there's an issue for the government and courts in Pakistan, and the prime minister Imran Khan has publicly supported the supreme court and promised to uphold the rule of law while providing protection for us, but a number of countries are in discussion about providing a safe destination for her once the legal processes complete. I'm sure the house. I'm sure the house will understand given the sensitivity of this case it wouldn't be right to comment on the details of those proposals at this stage. But we remain in close contact with international partners to ensure as long term safety and her interests. With oh, say seen Canada have said that they would offer her sign with think France has to in Italy, the very hardline anti immigration, interior minister Matteo's Vanni has also said that they will offer assign them to say baby, which extrordinary they're closing their doors to Syrian refugees who are crossing the Mediterranean boats. But they are saying that in this case, they will offer a sign, and it's little example of how babies case has become quite politicized. Because there's going to be a big events staged by eight the church in Italy to illuminate all the major sites in Venice in read as a Mark of first of all solidarity as women who are persecuted because of their faith, essentially, we're hearing from people who hardly the champions of refugees championing Asiya BB. Why did you think that is? It's definitely important case, and it should be champion. Ship be taken out of Pakistan and bacon, assign elsewhere. But the thing that worries me is the sometimes cases like babies can be used as a proxy for Islam phobia. So the case of a Christian who's being persecuted can be championed by someone who really wants to use it as a way of making a statement about Islam, but the thing in Pakistan is the blasphemy laws are used against Muslims to. So there are many Amodio limbs and the plus meet laws used against them skates. Christians. Harry. Thanks very much. You can read all the reporting from Harriet. I'm Memphis at the guardian dot com. After the break. Should we be pleased to learn that.

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