Tammy Wynette, Hitler, President Trump discussed on First Light



Care has become his final today no that's that's not tammy wynette we're talking about deemed the war in the divorce cast that's coming up at about two minutes but first this is first light thirteen passed monday february twenty six this day in sixteen sixteen galileo was formally banned but the catholic church from saying that the earth orbits the sun but the earth still did nineteen 35 hitler ordered believed to be reformed well this violated provisions of the treaty of her side but then hitler was used to violating things and got even more used to it nineteen '09 kenema color the first color movie process it actually worked was shown nineteen fifty one the twenty second amendment became law limiting a president to two terms 1993 the first world trade center bombing this man's pregnant sister was killed in that attack is not ninety nine eleven with the big bang for me 93 has bigger thing let's put should honour the people at pera there was a truck bomb a 1300 towns up ureanitrate hydrogen gas enhance device 1919 the grand canyon national park was established by congress 1998 your may remember this a texas jury rejected an eleven million dollar lawsuit brought on by texas cattleman who blamed oprah winfrey talk show for a price drop in beef after she hosted a segment on mad cow disease and the number one country song belong to tim mcgraw the news two how's the big record that was a number one on billboard country chart four six weeks tim mcgraw and those are some of the things that happened on past february twenty six fifteen past the hour and meteorologist deemed the war we have what's spring in the east winner in the west where do you want to start our edel let's aren't in the.

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