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23, are the humanities and dangerous subjects now. It's the fear of some educators after marymount university chose to phase out certain majors just today. Those include English and history, the board of trustees voted unanimously to drop the majors saying students are not interested in pursuing them. A university spokesperson is telling The Washington Post, this is a watershed moment for the Arlington Catholic school. It is trying to bring in more students and to grow its revenue. Marymount leaders say today's students are more interested in degrees than will get them good jobs with lots of money. Life in prison that is what Angelo Herod was sentenced to today. He was found guilty of killing the mother of a naval academy football player in the summer of 2021, 57 year old Michelle Cummings was hit by a stray bullet and killed as she sat on the patio of an Annapolis hotel. She was in town to celebrate her son's induction into the academy. A car stolen an upper Marlboro last night triggered an amber alert for a toddler. The child is safe. Now the suspect in the car theft is facing along the list of charges. The car with a three year old in the back seat was stolen from a convenience store in the upper Marlboro area and found here, where fair get street meets busy edmonston road just before 8 30 p.m.. It's not far from where a hit and run crash was reported involving a vehicle that matched the description of the one police were looking for. Minutes later, the suspect, 18 year old Ariel Florentino galeus was arrested at his home about a mile and a half away from here. Florentino galeas is charged with kidnapping, reckless endangerment theft and more. He's being held without bond right now, but he does have a bond hearing scheduled for Monday afternoon. In bladensburg, John dome in WTO P news. The family of a nuclear physicist who died by suicide at the Alexandria jail is suing the U.S. government after his psychotropic medicine was discontinued, and he was denied admission to a federal medical prison. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of Christopher lap 16 year old daughter. It says a series of errors by prison workers and others led to laps death two years ago. He was being held at the Alexandria jail, even though a judge had ordered him sent to a federal medical prison in North Carolina, a prison center there where doctors had medicated him and restored his mental health, lap had pleaded guilty to robbing a bank in Great Falls during what his family describes as a psychotic break. 9 25. Money news, 25 and 55 on WTO P and Larry koshka. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Interest rate expectations are rising on Wall Street with the latest inflation data coming in hotter than expected. A new report from a panel of Wall Street economists sees the fed, raising rates as high as 6 and a half percent to get inflation under control. Interest rate worries set investors running for cover ahead of the weekend, dalin, Austria's dropped 337, the S&P fell 42, the NASDAQ skidded one 95. The FCC has thrown a monkey wrench into standard generals plan to buy TV station owner tegna. It's sending the $5.4 billion deal to a hearing on concerns that it could reduce local content that could kill the deal. Warner Brothers discovery is suing paramount global over the streaming rights to South Park. The suit accuses paramount of diverting the cartoon comedy after Warner paid over half a $1 billion for the rights to stream it on HBO plus. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Laurie kofsky, on WTO P. It was the worst week of 2023 admittedly a very young year, but it was the worst week of the year for the down NASDAQ and S&P all falling about 3% for the week. And coming up here on WTO has Jill Biden just pretty much announced that her husband is running again. We'll get that in just a few minutes on WTO paid. In business, making good choices can make the difference between success and failure. That's why when it comes to business accounting, you should choose Ayala vado in associates, a firm with 40 years of

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