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Radio that's Norton dot com slash radio for twenty five percent off news time nine one discount tire traffic center here's Karen story one of those mornings Tom we've got some wet roads out there this morning that we're dealing with heavy rains from time to time and from what dean tells us it's going to get even worse from here but for now we're stuck with this alot you delay the cause was founded starts right before the jungle gym parkway so let's call it right around little neck parkway bumper to bumper from their exit thirty three this is westbound now out and would have a Boulevard and then delayed again from the Brooklyn queens expressway to the inbound queens midtown tunnel eastbound delays are still there on the ally E. as well from Morris Avenue mass but all the way out and shoot the Douglas dam the grand central is jammed both ways particularly from the clear view into Q. gardens and then it's primarily westbound traffic from the L. I eat up to the inbound RFK bridge here is what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels the R. K. still getting hammered out of queens in particular although the G. gives on all that great either and the Upper East Side is very very heavy on the south on Harlem river drive still down the FDR drive in to get somewhere on the East Village without north bound delays almost to the entire east side as well it never really hits a speed that any of us are happy with mass transit path train snorts world trade journals with the thirty third all dealing with the track condition deer Grove street and so traffic is delayed excuse me cars are delayed on the path line eligible our metro north and then G. T. they're doing all right try to sponsor by your local Honda dealers on Karen Stewart on ten ten wins another ten ten wins accu weather for day forecast from meteorologist thing devore yeah it is definitely going to be a murky.

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