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To all that. So that's the situation now through laugh track there. I don't think it's laugh track. I think it was just like the next part of episode is of I. I just thought that great blind delivery of situations One of his many signature catchphrases. I was wondering could would there be an episode. Robin Akiva Nita Catchphrase. I don't I don't hate that at all I do like that. Yeah I I was thinking There's there's a semi similar hitch that we could get through the mail bag in an hour to but I do think you have a catchphrase. Now I don't think so I I don't think I have met. Liguori does rob heavy catchphrase. What's the closest thing? He has won the closest thing. Get many verbal crutches. I would say yeah other than like we're not we. Don't count filler words. Yeah we'll come up with it. I'm sure we'll get the listeners listeners. We'll send this thirty five. Yeah I really liked that bit. Yeah I do like that. Yeah we could people send them in. I think we put on the wheel right now. Okay is this. Just we're growing the the The store the Robin Anita store for the catch phrases. Bring more short. Yeah Kirsten McGinnis her catchphrases grow up. We need we need our own catch right. Some people will probably vote for save it for. I Bet John Johnson John John Patrick a so then also with the bed being thrown out on the balcony. there is an effort to move the bed downstairs. That deena Nicole and snooky are going to try to help SAMMI sweetheart move her bed downstairs. But it's they have a problem getting the bed head through the hallway and snooky gives us a this allegory. Staircase is like really really small in the bed is like really wide. That's kind of like an analogy of vinnie's penis sitting in my pinhole told.

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