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Be a juggernaut yeah in in in an optimum situation where everyone is healthy everyone's on the field and Aaron Boone's biggest concern is who will I play and B. H. and one position to them the hard play today as compared to a man who played a very bad ceremonies biggest concern about you know getting everybody in the lineup and wear light play everyone then yeah this could be you know a hundred and fifteen hundred twenty win team but like I said we've seen the injury bug bite this team Brian Jackman done a tremendous job with death you have guys like Chad Bettis in camp a veteran who who days in the National League with with Colorado you you've got guys that can fill in in a pension at any position the end user for five deep when you think about it with a mixture of veterans and youngsters practically in every position on the field so I agree with you know it would miss train is running on all cylinders this could be something very very special I'm just going to be you know being a cautious at the beginning here Severino we don't know what her mind some of his suspensions already been served so it won't be a half season for her mon it'll be sometime in early June if I'm not mistaken when I did the math of of games that are left on his suspension so I agree with you going from July August September in the post season baseball then this this team could really be something special and the blessing the silver lining in the injuries if there is such a thing is that Pakistan and maybe Severino and maybe Herrmann by the end of the season won't be up in the two hundred innings thing they'll be in the hundred and fifty years where they could be peaking instead of in October all man my arms about to fall off and thrown so many innings so you may actually be kind of look a bless seen in the skies yeah those arms won't be as taxed as as maybe we would have been if they would have started from the very beginning and especially with a guy like her mom who is not a big physical specimen kind of guy you know he's very lean stay in you don't want to put the you know too much too much pressure on that right arm of his that was not a worry last year what kind of her mom what we gonna see impulse even though I'm sure that was all negated by the unfortunate circumstances but I agree with you starting a guy the that late into the season you know they could be hitting their peak when they need it most in September and October okay well a couple of areas where they're not all stars again she oak they think can hit but he hasn't really shown you much yet pretty good defensive catcher but as a a backup you know they could possibly do better but you know I mean he's they've got Chris Iannetta in camp enteric cracks the end X. met great Josh Tolley but Chris Iannetta is intriguing to me I had a very very very good receiver and and call or a ball game very much like Austin role model my soul yesterday in Lakeland really but I did it as a guide it's got years it'd be under his belt the pitchers love to throw to Eric grass to that other guy that a couple years ago when the brewers got into the post season crash was their or their number one catcher and surprisingly you know hit the baseball pretty beat up pretty well and the tremendous farm another veteran that that features a comfortable with that knows how to call a game so even they're they're not big names but Chris Iannetta Eric grabs a couple of veterans that that are used to being the number two guy well I and it has been a starter a lot throughout his career but at this stage I I think would settle in nicely if it were him so if he if he got younger were split but any point they do have some veterans that are ready to take old backup shortstop okay there's a question if you want one we owe it a guard or waiters your Swiss army knife in the infield and and don't sleep on Tyrone strada route you know Richard with that kid last year came up in a page and even had to play the outfield one day in San Francisco against the giants he he's a baseball player is Tyrone Estrada you can play him anywhere he's almost a carbon copy of another Yankee Yankee who I'm going to see today I'm on my way to watch the Phillies and pirates because I want to talk to Joe Girardi again but he is trying to remind me of Ronald Torreyes the rays could play anywhere and would defend himself with the glove at third base shortstop second base and even in the outfield so they don't have a quote on quote you know ed Brinkman mark Belanger type of backup shortstop but either one of those guys Wade but especially I I I really do like tyro strata with the glove anywhere you put him on the field okay so my my other hundred and ten argument is the competition now the red Sox to me clearly well McKee that's me they taken any even price take a step back without Cora hello good manager now of course he did have some artificial intelligence help here but you know it's pretty good manager and you look at the Astros in their situation they they don't have Gerrit Cole and you know psychologically I don't know how they respond to what's going on whether it's a plus or minus but I I'm I'm thinking that's a minus in terms of what what how it affects their play you know the competition may not be as good this year I'm in agreement there everything I heard yesterday from the first Astros game down in west Palm Beach first the the astro gonna vision was stealing signs yesterday they were taking the side the way they operate we're still feeling fine it was placards being brought into the ballpark you don't want fine brand bringing these they'll the signed into the stadium but they didn't play any of the regulars and knowing the personalities some athletes thrive off being the villain the only Oakland Raiders did not choose acts of the world guys like that the maybe the Oakland A.'s love years ago the salamander the majority of the world's leading fluoride dolls being the villain knowing some of the personalities you know in that Astros dugout wholesale to a is not a guy that's going to thrive off being the villain yours Carlos Correa these these are very I I may not get it they cheated they did what they did to whatever extent you know the mother who knows but I don't think knowing these guys personally like I do a little bit that they are of the kind of character that will thrive off being the villain I don't know how they can turn the the bones and the insults into motivation for playing better I I think they're they're wired differently they they feed off positive energy and this year they're going to be confronted with nothing but negative energy especially on the road and who knows what kind of reaction to going to get it home but these are not guys at least from what I know of you guys to be able to do feed off being the villain so I will I would agree that the Astros a dusty Baker is going to have to do an incredible managing job not exude their nose but psychologically getting his players in a state of mind each and every day especially when they're away from Houston getting getting them off of what's happening in the stands and having them concentrate on being the best baseball team they could possibly be that almost one of the World Series last year that's going to be a challenge for Baker so I agree with you that both Boston and Boston gonna play without any pressure I I think there are so little expectations on the red so Aug then sometimes when a team goes into the season and nobody believes in them they play loose they played it all without any pressure I would think maybe that Boston might be more of a positive surprise then Houston being able to bounce off the negative energy okay well we've been talking about it for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and I'm tired of it I'm I'm I'm I'm I want to move his crest as that may sound a lot of people your take on what they should do I mean I'm thinking vacate the title two thousand seventeen the next CBA put out very stringent rules about what you can't do and what the punishments are would you go further than that what what are your thoughts in terms of where where we go with this well first of all I'm sorry I'm waiting with bated breath for the red Sox report and beat it's beyond me why this thing is taking so long to get every week they say well we'll have the report the red Sox report out by the end of the week and it continues to get delayed and delayed and now we're hearing it to twenty eight so would be next Friday you know the conspiracy theorist in me says well they're gonna release that's when the NFL combine starts so I can get buried in the news cycle but I I I want to see what the commissioner does with the red Sox because if if he's too easy on Boston it's going to create another firestorm if he's too heavy handed on Boston people are gonna say well the red Sox and are being punished may be because the Astros didn't get punished enough I think it's a it's a no win situation for Manafort I think I've done an incredibly bad job of handling this whole thing from the beginning now the big guy Richard that and and I'm gonna talk to him again today who has really been the most interesting to me this offseason discussing this topic you've been Joe Girardi if there's one guy that was directly affected in my opinion anyway why what went down in two thousand and seventeen inch Girardi one of the Yankees beat the Astros and I get it they didn't hit all right I understand but in the in the minds of the perception of people at the Astros cheated their way to a World Series championship the Dodgers are outraged there guys have spoken up Yankee players have been outraged baseball get up at about three or four different occasions that I am as Joe Girardi directly Joe you maybe don't get fired from the Yankee manager position if the Astros don't cheat their way through that seventeen series how do you feel about it and to have him really take the high road on this is a no no no no I'm not looking back I'm looking forward and I know that my players could be heard what the other players is that he has told me directly retain the players have every right to feel the way they feel their outrage more power to them Girardi has continued to take the high road and say I'm not looking back I'm looking forward being blessed I'm blessed and I've got a new job as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies so there's a lot of different ways to to look at this whole thing from guys that are really really angry so one of the guys that was most affected by this and Girardi who's really taken the high road it's really interesting study of human nature well I think cassman soon has emphasized Hey look if you want to wallow in two thousand seventeen play victim that's not a winning attitude I mean he is kind of emphasize Hey guys twenty twenty is your year man your site this is your year to prove that you're world champions don't go back and say oh oh come on we should have won back then no when it now so I think he's emphasizing the positive as opposed to the victimhood yeah yeah same with Girardi and Cashman I really think that the healthiest approach to approach to its old they a do I believe personally with the Astros stopped after two thousand seventeen absolutely not and when I hear people say that Carlos qureia would be the most open almost honest about.

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