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This week Colonel will dining out one night with his teenage sons at armed citizen was called on to protect the incident in Birmingham, Alabama, the family was leaving a McDonald's closing time as the manager was unlocking the door to let them out a mass man pushed his way into the restaurant and began firing at everyone inside the attackers gunfire hit the armed citizen and one of his sons before he pulled his own concealed firearms shot back. Police EMS arrived on the scene takes the three individuals to the hospital where the criminal later died from his injuries. Thanks colonel. This is certainly a harrowing scenario and one that could render many people unable to defend themselves in their family. In a situation like this. Where an active shooter has already shot you and a loved one you are left with no alternative, but to return heavy and accurate fire and to do so as quickly as possible here are a few observations for your consideration. One closing time is when many shootings like this occur, always operated. A heightened state of awareness when leaving a building and entering a transitional space, like a dimly lit parking lot. Look out the door window before exiting to make sure it's safe to return fire immediately. Every time the shooter presses this trigger someone you love condi-, an active shooter scenarios time is of the essence as every time you hear a gun shot. Someone was just killed or wounded get it get it straight in your own mind that you should not hesitate when people have already been shot, and you are still being shot. You will not get in trouble with the law. So put that idea out of your head three fight through your injuries. No matter how bad your wounds are even if they are mortal you have to keep. Fighting in this case, he had his family to protect and the only thing worse than your own death is the death of your loved ones. Keep fighting to the very end and never give up as long as you are fighting. You are saving innocent lives and finally carry a personal trauma kit on your person or inside your car. You never know when you may have to plug a bullet hole in yourself a loved one or even a stranger the kit should include attorney get Israeli bandage tape airway to rubber gloves and some quick clot and get some emergency medical training. So you know, how to use this equipment? Also, learn CPR and basic first aid. This father did a great job engaging. The enemy in fighting through his injuries because of his courage and quick thinking innocent lives were saved and there one less bad guy harming our families, get some more training, and you can do the same for your family. Well, said skip. Our movie of the month is Thailand untapped, please. Go to the frontlines of freedom dot com. Go to the blog to get the link. You can watch it for free will review at the end of the month. And I really appreciate your input next week on frontlines of freedom. We're going to discuss the second amendment with Dave workman from the second amendment foundation. Then general Arnold Pinero will discuss challenges facing.

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